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[News] Finding GPL Violations; Bush and the MAFIAA Violate/Break US Law

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So, that's how GPL Violations finds it out!

,----[ Quote ]
| Ever wondered how GPL violations and the other guys in pursue of violations 
| of the Free Software licenses find out who is an infringer? 


Hold your politicians accountable for PRO-IP

,----[ Quote ]
| Sadly, President Bush has allowed himself and the Department of Justice to be 
| manipulated by the RIAA and MPAA. On October 13th, he signed the PRO-IP bill 
| into law, ignoring calls to veto it and pretty clear indications that the 
| bill was promoted using completely fabricated statistics.   



750,000 lost jobs? The dodgy digits behind the war on piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| First, the estimate of 750,000 jobs lost. (Is that supposed to be per year? A
| cumulative total over some undefined span? Those who cite the figure seldom
| say.) Customs is most often given as the source for this, and indeed, you can
| find press releases from as recently as 2002 giving that figure as a U.S.
| Customs and Border Patrol estimate. Eureka! But when we contacted CBP to
| determine how they had arrived at that imposing figure, we were informed that
| it was, in essence, a goof. The figure, Customs assured us, came from
| somewhere else, and was mistakenly described as the agency's own. This should
| come as no great surprise: CBP is an enforcement agency, whereas calculating
| the total loss of jobs from IP infringement would require some terrifyingly
| complex counterfactual modeling by trained economists. Similar claims have
| appeared in Customs releases dating back at least to 1993, but a CBP
| spokesperson assured us that the agency has never been in the business of
| developing such estimates in-house.


Mafiaa demands could cost colleges $500,000 a year

,----[ Quote ]
| NEW MANDATES recently added to the US Higher Education Act at the request of
| music and film industry bullies could end up costing American educational
| institutions a small fortune according to a report from Inside Higher Ed.
| Just a few months after lawmakers rolled over under pressure from the music
| and film industry Mafiaa, some colleges are counting the cost of complying
| with the new laws and some, particulary those privately run without public
| funding, could suffer huge financial losses.


The Costs of Policing Campus Networks

,----[ Quote ]
| Colleges have been asserting for months — in an effort to persuade Congress
| not to impose new requirements on them to fight illegal file sharing — that
| they’re spending big bucks to monitor, prevent and discipline online behavior
| that could run afoul of copyright law. But lawmakers ignored their pleas and
| added several new mandates to the Higher Education Act in August.

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