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[News] Choice and Customisation as Free Software Selling Points

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Open source - it's all about choice

,----[ Quote ]
| The same thing happens in the world of technology. It's called the Open 
| Source movement, and it's a growing influence on the way we all use 
| computers.  
| The internet has helped shape this community and it has had nearly 30 years 
| to mature. Its foundation was in the counter culture of the late sixties and 
| seventies in American colleges such as MIT.  
| If there was a computer, then people would play around to see what was 
| possible. If they produced something clever they would share it. 


10 Fun Firefox Add-ons

,----[ Quote ]
| We all know that Firefox has hundreds of great add-ons to enhance our web 
| browsing experience. In fact, there's always an article that lists some of 
| the best Firefox add-ons or extensions. Like, 50 Best Firefox Extensions for 
| Power Surfing, 30 Best Firefox add-ons, 10 Best Firefox Addons for Designers, 
| 10 Killer Firefox Extensions That You Probably Don't Know About, and 15 
| Amazing Firefox Extensions for Porn Surfers. Okay, the last one is a joke.     
| Since there are already plenty of lists out there that features some of the 
| most essential add-ons, I'm left with sharing to you all this collection of 
| fun Firefox add-ons. So what exactly is a fun add-on? --It is an add-on 
| that's simply made for entertainment purposes.   



Pimp your Ubuntu desktop in 7 easy steps!

,----[ Quote ]
| This is just the tip of the iceberg; there are countless ways to mod Ubuntu -
| from Grub  bootloader themes to GDM, you'll find loads of great stuff over at
| these sites:
| -Gnome Look - Eyecandy for your Gnome Desktop
| -Gnome Art - Another great site
| -or if you're looking for that complete Mac OS X look, check out this
| tutorial.


10 Beautiful Themes for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

,----[ Quote ]
| The upcoming release of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is highly anticipated not
| only for the system enhancements it will likely get, but also for its new
| default theme. The visual refresh is a long time coming, so I expect the
| Ubuntu artwork team is cooking something good for all of us.
| The October release date of Ubuntu 8.10 is fast approaching, yet until now,
| we don’t know exactly what the finished product will look like. I don’t want
| to make any guesses, instead, I decided to collect 10 beautiful existing GTK
| 2.x themes that I think can be further improved or altered and be used as the
| default desktop theme for Intrepid Ibex. Enjoy!


10 Most Beautiful Plasma Themes for KDE 4 Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest series of the K Desktop Environment now utilizes Plasma, a new
| desktop and panel user interface tool that aims for a more functional,
| user-friendly, and sleek KDE desktop. Plasma also supports Dashboard-like
| widgets called plasmoids.


20 beautiful dark themes for Gnome and Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Some weeks ago, I shown you a list of 30 themes for enhancing your Gnome
| desktop. Many readers loved the dark themes from this list, so here’s a new
| list of 20 dark and absolutely beautiful themes for your Gnome desktop.


4 Linux Distros Which Look Like Mac OS X

,----[ Quote ]
| Here’s an interesting compilation of Linux distribution which resemble
| Apple’s Mac OS 10.

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