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[News] KDE4 Plasma Matures to Completeness; Composite in Metacity

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plasma is now feature complete? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Behold, new eyes plasmoid in all its scalable SVG greatness!


Compositing With Metacity - An Early Look

,----[ Quote ]
| In its current incarnation, the compositing in Metacity is similar in feel 
| and function to the compositing used in Xfce; it’s not particularly 
| attractive looking, but it is extremely stable and performs well on lower-end 
| systems. If you’re after features that only compositing can provide but 
| aren’t after Compiz’ ultra-pretty but ultra-heavy management, you may have 
| tried Metacity’s compositing already and been disappointed. However, the new 
| version has dramatically stepped up on stability and performance, so once 
| you’ve got your hands on GNOME 2.24 you may want to consider giving it 
| another chance.        



KDE 4.1.2 Release Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE Community Improves Desktop with KDE 4.1.2 Codenamed "Codename"
| KDE Community Ships Second Translation and Service Release of the 4.1 Free
| Desktop, Containing Numerous Bugfixes, Performance Improvements and
| Translation Updates



KDE 4 rev 802150: Work in progress

,----[ Quote ]
| KWin with Wobbly Windows
| Kwin features a new visual effect known to most of you from Compiz: the
| Wobbly Windows. Only a few days ago the settings panel for this effect had
| tons of detailed options. Most of these options have been disabled now, the
| only thing that can be configured is the window deformation level while in
| motion. This seems more appropriate for a common user since the number of
| configurable settings was overwhelming before. One minor flaw that I noticed
| in KWin Wobble Windows is that the window shadow is not properly deformed (it
| does not adjust to the current shape of the window).


KDE 4 rev 790000: Better stability and performance

,----[ Quote ]
| This is another revision of the development version of KDE 4 environment.
| Lots of you have asked why it took me so long to publish this article. Well,
| I was just waiting for rev 790000, that’s all. I hope that your curiosity
| will be satisfied since there’s been a lot of changes to describe this time.
| I did my best.


KDE 4.1: Visual Changelog (rev 783000)

,----[ Quote ]
| You don’t always see this in the official changelogs but the KDE 4
| development is progressing in an extraordinary speed. After a deep look at
| rev 777000 we are presenting you a new visual review of changes made to KDE 4
| during the last couple of weeks.

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