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[News] Google Opens Applications Market for Linux

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Google Launches Android Market

,----[ Quote ]
| Several points separate Android--and Apple's App Store--from the previous 
| attempts at mobile applications. By having a central repository for 
| applications, consumers can more easily locate apps they seek. And with 3G 
| mobile broadband and operating systems that actively support over-the-air 
| installations, consumers can add apps anytime, from anywhere. In contrast, 
| Palm, for example, rarely allowed apps to be installed directly; instead, 
| users had to sync their device with a desktop.      


Coders get 70 percent of Android Market revenue

,----[ Quote ]
| Google officially opened its Android Market Wednesday and promised that 
| beginning next year, programmers will get the lion's share of revenue from 
| applications sold on the download site for the company's mobile phone 
| operating system.    



First look: latest Google Android SDK a big improvement

,----[ Quote ]
| I tested several of the applications that come with the SDK, including the 
| mapping program, the contact book, and the web browser. I also tested the 
| experimental Google Talk chat integration feature. I was able to connect to 
| Google Talk and receive messages, which are displayed as items on the 
| notification panel. The performance and usability of the bundled applications 
| is pretty decent.      


Google updates Android software development kit

,----[ Quote ]
| Google released an update to the SDK (software development kit) for Android, 
| its mobile-phone operating system. 


Google releases Android SDK

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has released an SDK (software development kit) that programmers can 
| use to create cell-phone applications for the company’s Android mobile 
| platform.  


A developer's perspective on Google's Android SDK

,----[ Quote ]
| This in-depth, hands-on article introduces Android, Google's Linux/Java 
| mobile phone SDK (software development kit). After a tour of Android's tools, 
| documentation, and code samples, it suggests a path for further exploration 
| and concludes with a simple applet showing the power and simplicity of the 
| Android environment.    


Android SDK in the fly

,----[ Quote ]
| The open source community called Vafeo, once more surprises bringing now not 
| only a full Operational System but one Linux Distro (Vd_android), with 
| Android SDK built in. In many cases people get bother to mess with the OS 
| hardDrive in this case, don’t. Because you’re completely able to run it from 
| your CD, not requiring installation. If you prefer install, you’re free to 
| choose, just choose where, in second partition, replacing your OS, or also 
| install in your pen drive.      


Google Android gets positive early reviews

,----[ Quote ]
| While Google's Android announcement generated a lot of hype, developers had 
| to wait a week to see whether the company had actually developed a good  
| platform. 


Emulate Google’s Android Mobile Stack in Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| To try out the Android emulator, download and unzip the Linux SDK package. 
| The emulator executable is located in the tools subdirectory. 


Android opens door to IC open source 

,----[ Quote ]
| The backers of Android point to the benefits of an open-source model: more 
| innovation as more companies develop solutions, faster time-to-market, lower 
| price points and even better utilization of the sheer power of the 
| applications processors. Indeed, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm hope their 
| participation in Android will spur design wins and make it easier to 
| incorporate their chips into the wave of Android handset introductions the 
| market is likely to see later this year.      

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