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[News] How GNU/Linux Advances technology, Helps in Recession

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Why should Microsoft fans want (even help!) Linux to succeed

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine that your football team wins the championship the last years and it 
| has completely crashed all competition. Would you be happy with the way your 
| team played with no competition at all? It would surely play crappy, because 
| it wouldn't need to try any harder. Now imagine that your opponents got 
| stronger by bringing talented players, accomplished coaches and investing in 
| their infrastructure (academies, training grounds, etc). Your team would be 
| hard pressed and improved to keep ahead of its opponents.      


In these trying economic times will Linux be the answer.

,----[ Quote ]
| I for one plan to do all that I can to eliminate the use of closed source and 
| priority software in my department. Not because my budget got cut, but 
| because I’ve found it to be superior when compared to the commercial products 
| that are available.   
| At least for me Linux has been a real help, I no longer worry if I can 
| deliver technological service even  during times of political and economic  
| uncertainty. 
| Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.



Credit crunch moves business to adopt open source

,----[ Quote ]
| “The world is undergoing serious economic turbulence, but at a time when
| businesses know they simply cannot terminate IT projects, open source
| software providers the perfect solution,” claimed John Powell, Alfresco chief
| executive.
| He said that with open source, public and private sector companies resisted
| the demands of proprietary vendors, created a flexible infrastructure as well
| as lower IT spend.


Economics of open source remains an academic challenge

,----[ Quote ]
| When I’m looking for open source economic theories my go-to guy is Bruce
| Perens, who has written eloquently on the subject. But he’s not an academic
| economist. Economists don’t usually hand out their top awards to computer
| programmers.


Open sauce Alfresco has its best ever quarter

,----[ Quote ]
| ALFRESCO SOFTWARE announced its strongest ever quarterly financial results
| today, reporting that customer interest has increased during the global
| economic downturn as organisations turn to more cost effective and scalable
| open source software products.


Zenoss Announces Record Quarterly Customer Growth amid Struggling Economy

,----[ Quote ]
| Commercial open source IT management firm grows 85 percent quarter over
| quarter


Compiere Closes Third Quarter with Continued Global Expansion and 195 Percent

,----[ Quote ]
| Compiere, Inc., the global leader in open source business solutions, this
| week closed a strong third quarter during which the company reports a 195
| percent revenue growth for Q3 2008 compared to Q3 2007, as well as a 59
| percent growth in subscribers. In addition, the company continued its global
| expansion by adding partners in North America, Europe, Middle East and
| Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.

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