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Re: Ballmer: Microsoft Unlikely To Top Vista's 'Success'

On Oct 22, 11:41 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> ____/ ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Wednesday 22 October 2008 16:42 : \____
> > <Quote>
> > Apple taunts it, businesses won't touch it, and even Microsoft (NSDQ:
> > MSFT) no longer mentions it by name in ads. Yet Windows Vista,
> > according to Steve Ballmer, has been such a smashing success that
> > Microsoft is unlikely to match it anytime soon.
> > Said Ballmer, at an industry confab in Brazil last week: "We're not
> > going to have products that are much more successful than Vista has
> > been."
> > Say what? Hang on a sec, would you please, Dear Reader.
> > Thanks -- I'm back. I just had to go dump a few thousand Microsoft
> > shares. [Disclosure: I don't really own Microsoft shares, but if I
> > did ...]
> Microsoft is down sharply today (-5.5%). Same yesterday... the report is coming
> tomorrow and since the previous two disappointed, expect more of the same.


might be of some use over periods longer than 5 days (the last few
have been ridiculously volatile -- the market equivalent of arrhythmia
or too much gain leading to feedback in the "market circuit", if such
an analogy makes much sense, perhaps).

1M period: MSFT -6% or so, DJI -18%
3M: MSFT -9%, DJI -22%
6M: MSFT -23%, DJI -28%
YTD: MSFT -34%, DJI -32%
1Y: MSFT -21%, DJI -32%
2Y: MSFT -18%, DJI -25%
5Y: MSFT -11%, DJI -6%

AFAICT, MSFT has consistently outperformed the market in the
last 2 years or so, and the market is *not* doing well at the moment.

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