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[News] Alliance for Web Standards-based Applications Expands Scope

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OpenAjax Alliance Sets Standards for Metadata, Widget Interop and Mashup

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenAjax Alliance taps its broad industry membership to deliver standards 
| for metadata integration, mashup security and widget interoperability. The 
| organization tapped leading members such as IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Aptana, 
| the Eclipse Foundation, Google, the Dojo Foundation and others to help craft 
| the standard.    
| The OpenAjax Alliance has made good on promises it made earlier about 
| boosting enterprise-class Web development with new Web 2.0 specifications and 
| widget standards.  
| I first reported on the organization's moves in September, when Jon 
| Ferraiolo, a Web architect in IBM's emerging technologies group, shed light 
| on the subject at a rich Web conference in Vienna, Va. Ferraiolo discussed 
| early work on the efforts now coming to fruition in terms of metadata 
| integration, mashup security and a widget interoperability standard. At the 
| event in early September in Virginia, Ferraiolo spoke on Interoperable 
| Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) tools and mashups.      


ENEA Joins OpenSAF Foundation - Expands Knowledge Base & Perspective

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenSAF Foundation today announced that ENEA AB, a leading provider of 
| network software and services, and a pioneer in commercial high availability 
| middleware, is the latest company to join the OpenSAF Foundation. In addition 
| to contributing to the OpenSAF project, ENEA joins the Board of Directors of 
| the OpenSAF Foundation.     



Tooling Around With Ajax

,----[ Quote ]
| Ajax toolkits are abundant. There are probably a half dozen leading products
| plus another half dozen behind that, according to Hakman. They can mix and
| match features, and all of them are open source, accessible and liberally
| licensed, he noted.


AJAX wave evades vendors

,----[ Quote ]
| Ajax developers are turning away from commercial development tools and opting 
| for free, open source alternatives. 



OpenAjax Alliance tackles interoperability

,----[ Quote ]
| While the alliance already has an impressive list of members, one
| name remains conspicuously absent: Microsoft.

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