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[News] Bob Young and Richard Stallman on Free Sofwtare

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‘I am not a free software exponent, but I am a free market exponent’

,----[ Quote ]
| I am not a free software exponent, but I am a free market exponent. The 
| reason why Red Hat made perfect sense as a business model is not that 
| technically we gave away our source code, with a licence for anyone to use 
| it. What we were actually doing is giving control to the consumer of the 
| software, instead of the vendor. So, open source was a series of tactics to 
| achieve that end. It is about smooth functioning of the free market. People 
| say open source is a very radical idea, and question whether any other 
| industry can follow the open-source model. My only way is to question that 
| assumption. Only in the software industry, the vendor had control over the 
| way the consumers use the product. Imagine you buy a car, and the dealer who 
| sold you the car had the key to the hood (bonnet) of the car. If your engine 
| starts making a noise, he can say that it is not a bug, but a feature.           


Comp. sci. activist to talk computing freedom at U

,----[ Quote ]
| Stallman’s interest in free software was sparked, Reidl said, when he found 
| himself prohibited from using the source code he himself had written for a 
| program because MIT had sold it to another company.  
| “He’s been interested in free software where the programmer can’t lose to 
| anyone else or take away from anyone else the right to have access to that 
| program ever again,” said Reidl.  
| In the case of free software, ‘free’ refers not to price, but to the freedoms 
| available to software users. 
| “Think of free speech, not free beer,” the GNU project website reads.



Freedom Walk - To claim, ensure and preserve Freedom

,----[ Quote ]
| Millions of people worked hard and even paid with their lives to earn us the
| freedom we enjoy today. Is our current generation aware of the value of this
| freedom? From the lack of social and political sensitivity and the lack of
| activism in our society it might seem that this is not so. It is as if we are
| devaluing freedom every day. With the commercialisation of almost every
| sphere of life, most people are not able to find any time to put in effort to
| fight this alarming trend. Most, but not everybody. At Zyxware, we have
| decided to focus our efforts to tackle this issue head on.

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