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[News] 6 New GNU/Linux Distributions Released, One BSD

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[CentOS-announce] CentOS 4.7 Server CD - x86_64 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| The single CD server install for CentOS 4.7 / x86_64 has now been 
| released and is available from all active mirrors. 


Elive 1.9.10 development released

,----[ Quote ]
| This version doesn't include Exalt anymore (network configurator). You have a 
| new application available in Elpanel (not in the desktop gadget yet). It is 
| in a early development stage but you are more than welcome to report any bug 
| (or request feature) on http://bugs.elivecd.org. If you prefer you can still 
| install Exalt or Wicd at your choice.     


Plamo 4.5


Linux Mint 5 x64 Edition released!

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Mint is proud to announce that Linux Mint 5 Elyssa is now available on 
| AMD64 for 64 bit processors. 
| In the future the x64 edition will be released at the same time as the Main 
| and Light editions. 
| The purpose of the x64 edition is to offer the same desktop features as the 
| Main edition but in a 64 bit environment. It aims to be as similar to the 
| Main edition as possible. Due to the nature of its architecture, its package 
| base and its origins it defers in the following ways:   
|     * Linux Mint x64 Edition was forked from Ubuntu Hardy as opposed to 
|       Ubuntu Edgy for the Main Edition, 
|     * Linux Mint x64 Edition comes with a java plugin implemented by OpenJDK, 
|       as opposed to Sun for the Main Edition. 
|     * Linux Mint x64 Edition comes with Xchat instead of Xchat-Gnome
|     * Linux Mint x64 Edition comes with Flash 9 instead of Flash 10


Vyatta 4.1.4


10/18/08 - Parted Magic 3.1

,----[ Quote ]
| Parted magic released with only minor changes from RC1. One of the most 
| important new developments is the HDD version. This is a new concept in 
| rescue/partitioning environments. It's basically a copy and paste USB 
| distribution for system admins and is the future of the Parted Magic project. 
| Version 4.0 will be largely based on Slackware Linux and will offer package 
| management and most things you would expect from a small rescue environment. 
| My honest opinion is the death of CDs and DVDs is closer than most people 
| think and the dominance of flash media with RW is the future of any system 
| admins toolbox. This forum post describes the new HDD version. In the weeks 
| to come, new documents will be written to describe its uses in better detail. 
| The 3.x series might be the last of the RO "Live" media environments for 
| Parted Magic which a large number of distributions do better than us anyway.           


BSDanywhere 4.3 Final Release

,----[ Quote ]
| After eight months of work we've now released the final version of 
| BSDanywhere 4.3 - Enlightenment at your fingertips, the OpenBSD Live CD. 



More distros = more choice

,----[ Quote ]
| With more than 300 active distributions (distros), Linux is on a roll. Linux 
| distros primarily differ in terms of features since they are built on 
| variants of the same kernel (32-bit/64-bit; with various features of the 
| kernel enabled or disabled). “All the Linux distributions come from the same 
| upstream kernel and what distinguishes each distribution is how they provide 
| support, get ISVs to certify the ISV applications on the specific 
| distribution, and how IHVs (Independent Hardware Vendor) get to do the same,” 
| feels Nandu Pradhan, President & Managing Director, Red Hat India.        


Distros Don’t Drive Development

,----[ Quote ]
| Lots of press and people focus on Linux distributions when they check out 
| what happens in Linux land. This and that distro come in new releases and 
| they offer this and that brand new feature. This is also true of the many 
| linux podcasts. They give credit to distros for new things that pop up.   


The distro jungle

,----[ Quote ]
| People who are new to Linux are often confused by the large number of
| distributions to choose from. The good news is that you can safely ignore 
| most of them. This article helps you choose a distribution for getting 
| started with your Linux exploration—and helps you understand just what 
| it is you've just chosen.



,----[ Quote ]
| When someone says a recent Linux Distro is 100 times better than another 
| recent Linux distro, I worry a little that schism has lead to computer 
| religion. Taken on its face, examined rationally, you have to ask "how can 
| that be?". They all feed off the same kernel stock, and pull in the same sets 
| of office projects and same GUI projects and so forth.    


Why Having 500+ Distros is a Good Thing

,----[ Quote ]
| Perhaps next time the author might think about what they're
| saying...because limiting the number of distros out there is
| absolutely NOT the way to go to accomplish anything other
| than limiting innovation.

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