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[News] More Automated Deployments of Free Software on GNU/Linux

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Peopleware and BitRock Collaborate to Make Systems Monitoring Easy to Setup

,----[ Quote ]
| When Peopleware, a company that provides consulting and systems 
| administration, decided three years ago to design a product for monitoring 
| business systems, it was clear that it had to be open source.  
| "Our product, Osmius, competes in the same arena with very large companies in 
| the world of IT. For that, as well as sociological reasons, our business 
| model based on open source gives us competitive advantages," said David Sanz, 
| CEO of Peopleware.    


Where Would We Be Without Open Source?

,----[ Quote ]
| As yourself these questions:
| Would proprietary, closed software have any reason to evolve without the 
| threat of open source? 
| Would technology have grown as quickly without open source pushing it along?
| Would your job be as easy without open source?
| Would your network be as safe without open source?
| Would your business be able to expand as easily without open source?
| Would your developers work as quickly without open source?



Bitrock on center stage with its Network Service

,----[ Quote ]
| Faster time to Network/market through BitRock should enable more open-source
| companies to scale revenue faster which, in turn, should result in more
| open-source code being written. What's not to like?


BitRock: Application Installation in a Networked World

,----[ Quote ]
| As an aside, when I say cross-platform, I don’t mean Adobe AIR-style “sure
| we’re cross-platform - you know, Mac and Windows,” but rather truly
| cross-platform. Both dominant commercial distributions, Solaris and Linux.
| Even better, the Linux support is not limited to the dominant commercial
| distributions, in Red Hat and SuSE, but is inclusive of Debian, Ubuntu and
| other commercial and non-commercial variants.    

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