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[News] Massive-scale Fedora Installations Made Easy

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Fedora's Cobbler project to automate Linux deployments

,----[ Quote ]
| While most members of the Fedora open source community have begun to develop 
| new features for the next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), over 
| the past two years some have worked to simplify everyday systems 
| administration tasks such as installing and provisioning servers over a 
| network.    



Fedora 10 Snapshot 1 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of our development schedule, we are releasing a snapshot of
| Rawhide in Live form.  We are releasing these via bittorrent
| only as it is a much lighter weight method to get bits out the door than
| to go through our mirroring system.  If you cannot use bittorrent we
| apologize for the inconvenience.


Fedora 10 Beta ScreenShots

,----[ Quote ]
| No need to introduce Fedora as they are usually in the top 5 at
| http://distrowatch.com. Fedora always stay current with the newest open
| source packages and usually at the forefront of the Linux Community. So with
| no further delay..... Check these Fedora 10 Beta ScreenShots.


He's fighting to free us from Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Frields, of Raleigh, N.C.-based Red Hat Inc., is a real player in the open
| source world, and he lives and works in Fredericksburg. Red Hat, founded in
| 1995,  is a free and open source software company and a major Linux
| distribution vendor known for its enterprise operating system Red Hat
| Enterprise Linux. He's Red Hat's Fedora Project Leader. Fedora is a
| community-supported free and open-source Linux-based operating system.


Migration to Fedora

,----[ Quote ]
| Every time when user wants to try something different, many unanswered
| questions raised. Is is good? Why should I migrate, I am satisfied from my
| operating system now. Could I lose data on my computer? Is it possible just
| to see that thing and if I like it I would give it a try?
| Yes, now it is possible. Take a virtual migration tour with screenshots in
| just a few clicks. Do not try anything until you liked it! When you are
| completely sure about that, then you would migrate on real.


Fedora 10 Codenamed "Cambridge"

,----[ Quote ]
| Cambridge was the Red Hat project that went on to form Fedora Core and it was
| the release name for Fedora Core 1. Now with Fedora 10, Red Hat has gone
| full-circle and its codename is Cambridge. This codename was voted on by
| Fedora contributors and among the other contenders were Farnsworth, Nitrate,
| Saltpetre, Terror, and Whiskey Run.


Early Fedora 10 Artwork

,----[ Quote ]
| Since I did a look at Ubuntu’s early concept art and since I am usually very
| impressed by Fedora’s final art, I decided that it would make sense to take a
| look at what has appeared on the Fedora Art Team wiki. I have actually been
| waiting a few days to do this, since, as of just a few days ago, there were
| not enough submissions that I liked to talk about.

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