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[News] Opera's Blobrowser for GNU/Linux is Still No Firefox

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Opera 9.60 Review - Awesomeness, Great Features and a Few Annoying Crashes

,----[ Quote ]
| I must say that I think Opera is doing a great job supporting its browser on 
| Linux. Even though it's closed-source, it's still one of the most powerful 
| web browsers out there, and each release comes with packages for every major 
| distribution out there.   


Non-Free software -- for now. They at least support GNU/Linux and Web


Mozilla Firefox 3.1 on Its Way to Setting Web Video Standard

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox has a huge user base and acceptance from web developers, which
| theoretically makes Mozilla less vulnerable to submarine patent lawsuits, as
| companies would risk in terms of image if such actions were taken, as
| Mitchell Baker commented at the Products and Technology Roadmap Mozilla
| Summit session. Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s Interim VP of Engineering,
| added, "Somebody had to do it. It’s good it was us."


Is the Web still the Web?

,----[ Quote ]
| For developers of RIAs (rich Internet applications), Adobe's announcement
| that Google and Yahoo will soon be able to index text within Flash movies
| should come as welcome news. Until now, Flash files have been black boxes;
| with these binary files, search indexers could no more extract textual
| information from them than from JPEGs or PNGs.
| This first stab at Flash search still sounds somewhat primitive, but it
| raises an issue of importance to all Internet application developers. Given
| the growing number of data types and file formats being transmitted over HTTP
| and the increasing complexity of the applications that make use of them, is
| today's Web really still the Web? Or is it morphing into something else? How
| can we ensure that today's Web apps offer enough capabilities and flexibility
| to make Web 2.0 worthy of its name?


Google Is Evil in a Flash

,----[ Quote ]
| What that means in practice is that one of the major downsides of using
| Flash – its invisibility to search engines like Google - has partly
| disappeared. That, in turn, is likely to encourage more Web designers to
| incorporate it into their sites – making the experience more like television
| than the Internet. Flash not only takes the control away from the visitor, it
| renders its content opaque in terms of links.

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