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[News] Early Look at PCLinuxOS 2009 (Beta)

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PCLinuxOS 2009 Beta ScreenShots and Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Our first ScreenShot review of PCLinuxOS 2009 Beta. My first thoughts is that 
| WoW PCLinuxOS uses the apt-get Debian utility for its package management 
| system as well as the Control Center from Mandrake. The best of 2 worlds! 
| Also PCLinuxOS makes sure that Java and Flash is already integrated into the 
| standard install so that the new Linux user will not be able to say I do not 
| know what to do when they go to there sites and are not able to load web 
| applications.      



Just what is up with PCLinuxOS anyway?

,----[ Quote ]
| Much the same can be said about Apple computers, their community and users.
| Those who use Apple don't just "use' them, they embrace them.
| Before I finish, there are those who will take this discussion out of context
| and try to say I am describing 'elitism' here. When in actuality, elitism
| describes those who think they or what they have is "better" than everyone
| else around them.
| What I am describing is 'Pride'. The level of appreciation for something that
| so uniquely fills a need that is not commonly found as to make someone think
| it is "custom made" for them.


Minimizing PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniME for Speed

,----[ Quote ]
| We all know PCLinuxOS is well known for its fast system booting and blazing
| speed. This speed and responsiveness is faster in MiniME than the full
| release. However, both MiniME and the Full Version can be further optimized
| for still more speed, of course, for a tradeoff of cosmetics and usability.
| The optimizations mentioned here work best for me. It may also work for you.


82 year old runs PCLinuxOS

,----[ Quote ]
| He was very happy with the way PCLinuxOS had expanded the possibilities of
| his IBM, like the viewing of DVD movies and the burning of CD-R/W.
| And mostly that he didn't find it difficult at all to get used to KDE
| interface. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but the end result was very
| much to his liking.


PCLinuxOS : The Best Desktop GNU/Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I have no reservations or doubts of any kind to recommend PCLinxOS to a
| newcomer or a home user with a reassurance that this distribution will rarely
| fail upon you. Just go and spin the PCLinuxOS CD and see what wonders it
| brings for you.


PCLinuxOS: Definitely “Radically Simple”

,----[ Quote ]
| What impressed me the most about PCLinuxOS is its lack of pretension. The
| creators of PCLinuxOS know their audience is a wide cross section and know
| how  to present their wares to that audience without being insulting or
| coming across as “better than the rest.” PCLinuxOS is a simple-to-use
| operating  system that makes the user forget that it’s there. And isn’t that
| the whole point of an operating system - to bridge the gap between the user
| and the hardware and make the work seamless? Well that’s exactly what
| PCLinuxOS does best: Seamless.
| I highly recommend this distribution to pretty much anyone. If you have
| people you’re hoping to win over to Linux this might be your go-to OS. If you
| have hardware that other distributions don’t seem to like, again, this might
| be your OS. Give PCLinuxOS a try. It really is “radically simple.”

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