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[News] Microsoft's Latest Anti-Linux Microsoft-sponsored Lie, AKA 'Study'

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Linux versus Windows: another fine Microsoft TCO Analysis

,----[ Quote ]
| So what’s the bottom line on the review? simple: if you hire someone to prove 
| that increasing upfront spending on school computers by about 30% without 
| getting a productivity improvement is a good thing, they’re going to have to 
| make some pretty slick logical leaps somewhere - and I think this one got to 
| its destined conclusions by using nicely formatted Excel tables and lots of 
| verbiage to hide assumptions amounting to the required conclusions.     



MS struggles to discredit Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| What's cheaper than an OS you can buy outright once and install on every PC
| in your shop -- and upgrade cost-free for eternity to boot? Why, a slew of
| cheesy licenses for Microsoft Windows, 'Doze Division VP Brian Valentine
| claims in his latest cheerleading effort for his sales associates.
| That's right; a putatively independent analysis by 'we'll-conclude-anything'
| whores DH Brown is going to rip Linux a new one and find that Windows is
| actually cheaper. How Valentine knows this is anyone's guess. Perhaps he has
| a mole in the Brown organization as good as the one we have in his. Or
| perhaps MS simply paid for it. We don't know.
| It also appears that MS has bought off a number of Linux/Sun 'insiders' whose
| job it will be to explain to the sales team how to pitch the illusory
| advantages of Windows to unsuspecting IT managers. "Dumber people can run
| Windows" is the best advert I personally can come up with, though this is
| without the benefit of expensive analysts and turncoat 'insiders' to feed me
| intriguing tidbits.


IDC: Windows cheaper than Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Research firm IDC, in a Microsoft-funded study, has reinforced a Microsoft
| argument that Linux is more expensive to administer than Windows, a factor
| that makes Windows less expensive overall in most server uses.


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