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[News] Advice for Upgrading to GNU/Linux

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Introducing Open Source to the World - Part 1  

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| What was neat though was that I got some interesting feedback and several 
| great opportunities to preach about Open Source that expanded out from that 
| offering about Open Office.  There's still more I have to learn about 
| pitching Open Source to people around me, but I did discover one key thing 
| from this whole experience:  Focus on the places where people need something 
| first.  If you concentrate on filling a need first, then a want second, 
| everything else will fall into place.      


Making The Switch To Linux - Keep In Mind … (10 Ubuntu Tips)

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| While it’ll seem tempting from time to time, don’t make the switch back to 
| Windows from Linux. I have the luxury of having my desktop running Ubuntu, 
| and having a laptop nearby with Windows XP on it - just for the few 
| inevitable things that require Windows. I’m slowly converting my working 
| place entirely to a Linux environment, but it won’t go easy and in 1-2-3. It 
| takes time to find alternatives to popular Windows tools, and to get used to 
| a new operating system. Hang in there, you’ll manage ;-) .      



Microsoft Is Giving Up on Windows

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| It's true: Microsoft has confirmed that it's abandoning Windows as we know
| it. Cagey as ever, the Microsofties won't say when it'll happen, but they
| have talked a little bit about what the next OS is going to look like--or not
| look like.
| [...]
| Midori for Linux?
| One of my smarter-than-me buddies, Gary F., told me that Linus Torvalds
| worked on something called Midori a few years ago, an embedded Linux for
| mobile devices: "I doubt Microsoft would ever release something that could be
| traced back to Linux, but if I recall correctly, Transmeta's Midori had some
| rudimentary 'cloud computing' features vaguely similar to Microsoft's
| Midori." Read "Details emerge on Transmeta's "Mobile Linux" and "Transmeta
| Exports Midori Linux to China" for details.


Microsoft loses 90 Billion Dollars 

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