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[News] Canonical/Ubuntu Improves Upstream Communication

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Ubuntu debuts its Upstream Report

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu has taken some heat over the years for its relationship with upstream 
| projects, but the distribution seems determined to change that impression. To 
| that end, Ubuntu has started by looking at bugs and bug reporting between the 
| distribution and upstream projects. The visible result is the beta release of 
| the Ubuntu Upstream Report, which displays the progress of getting bugs 
| upstream.     



Improving Ubuntu/Upstream Bug Workflow

,----[ Quote ]
| This is just one of a number of projects that we are working on to improve
| how we work with other entities in the Open Source world. We are really,
| really keen to not only build a strong and effective Ubuntu community, but to
| also ensure we can work as effectively with other projects and contributors
| too. Sure, we have some things to fix, but I am determined for us to resolve
| these problems and really drive through new opportunities to improve how we
| work together. This is one element in how we want to improve our relations
| with upstreams, so stay tuned for more as we develop our ideas.


Canonical CTO bites back at Linux Plumbers Conference keynote

,----[ Quote ]
| Matt Zimmerman, CTO of Canonical, is unhappy with Greg Kroah-Hartman, one of
| the Linux kernel maintainers, because of Kroah-Hartman's keynote at the Linux
| Plumbers Conference. The keynote, described elsewhere as a reworking a June
| presentation, makes a number of claims about Canonical's activity in the
| community, presenting various tables which showed Canonical not making many
| upstream patches and concluding "Canonical doesn't give back to the
| community".

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