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[News] Review of Songbird 0.7.0 on GNU/Linux

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Songbird 0.7.0 Review - Audio Player for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I'll start with a quote from the official Songbird homepage, which goes 
| like 'Songbird promises to be the Firefox of media players'. Although not 
| (yet) as popular in the audio players world as Firefox is in the one of web 
| browsers, Songbird looks and offers an interface which integrates both 
| powerful browsing features and music collection management.    
| [...]
| I liked this Songbird release better than the last version I tried, but I 
| think it needs some improvements too, like the UI font size or more features 
| regarding the collection management. Having such a powerful integrated web 
| browser may be useful to some, although it can look a little bloated to 
| others. Nevertheless, Songbird is is worth a try for any of you who like to 
| fetch music information while listening, get lyrics etc, without opening an 
| additional web browser.      



Songbird Rocks!

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm not that picky when it comes to desktop audio player. Typically, I just
| use whatever audio player that comes with my Linux distro. As long as it
| plays all of my audio files (with the right plugins of course), I'm good.
| Until most recently, when I've tried those iTunes replacements that I wrote
| about a while ago, I've discovered Songbird, and it quickly became my
| favorite audio player.


Songbird 0.7.0, finally a functional player for linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| Songbird is built from the ground up on the Mozilla project. The media
| player's UI is programmed in the same XML User Interface Language (XUL) that
| Firefox uses for its UI. Much like Firefox, Songbird has support for
| user-created extensions, and you can improve the player functionalities
| simply by installing extensions as you usually do with the Firefox browser.


Songbird 0.6 - The Bird Got Wings

,----[ Quote ]
| Songbird is practically two things, both an audio player and a web browser.
| As an audio player, it does what it's supposed to do: it plays music,
| providing a library but not much of other options.


Songbird media player: the love child of Mozilla and WinAmp

,----[ Quote ]
| Songbird also includes built-in web browsing capabilities and offers a unique
| page API that enables web content creators to interact with the media player.
| When given permission by the user, web sites can use the Songbird page API to
| retrieve information about currently playing tracks, create playlists, and
| interact with the user's media experience in other ways. Some independent
| labels like Matador even use the APIs to turn Songbird into a user-friendly
| music store for their content. Since these capabilities are all documented,
| anyone can use Songbird as a platform for building new content distribution
| channels and innovative web-based media services.

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