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[News] Summary of Linux Kongress 2008 and End User Collaboration Summit

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Linux Kongress 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| At the recent 2008 Linux conference, big names in the world of Linux 
| presented current and future developments. Samba developers now want to 
| combine the code for Samba 3 and 4, which until now have been developed 
| separately. In future, HA and cluster developers want to bundle their efforts 
| on specific modules. Dirk Hohndel showed off a netbook that boots up Linux in 
| five seconds and in his keynote speech, he called on developers to orient 
| themselves more toward the needs of users.      


Linux Foundation to boost user ties following summit

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation's first End User Collaboration Summit won't be its last. 
| The foundation will make its free, invitation-only conference an annual 
| event. Attracting about 200 participants but closed to the press, the two-day 
| conference focused on numerous Linux platform concerns, including a 
| contentious issue in the community: poor dialogue between Linux developers 
| and users.     



Linux-Kongress: Keynote Videos Online

,----[ Quote ]
| The videos show James Bottomley, Jonathan Corbet and Dirk Hohndel holding
| their keynotes at Linux-Kongress last week.
| The director of the Linux Foundation and Linux SCSI developer, James
| Bottomley opened the Linux-Kongress in Hamburg, Germany this week with a
| keynote investigating the commonalities and differences among the various
| Open Source operating systems. He didn't mince words, when he called OS X a
| luxury jail.


Live Streaming from Linux-Kongress For Free

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux-Kongress is by far one of the most traditional Linux conferences, with
| a focus on development and cutting-edge topics. If you're not able to join
| the program in Hamburg, Germany, in person, you can watch the keynotes from
| James Bottomley and Jason Corbet for free on Linux Magazine Online.


Linux-Kongress: Corbet Presents New Kernel 2.6.27

,----[ Quote ]
| In the second keynote of the Linux-Kongress in Hamburg, Germany, cofounder of
| LWN.net and kernel developer Jonathan Corbet presented details on yesterday's
| released Kernel 2.6.27, but also described some of the work Linux Torvalds
| and his group of hackers have been up to.


Linux-Kongress 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux-Kongress is one of the original Linux development conferences. The 2008
| edition has been announced for October 7 to 10 in Hamburg, Germany.

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