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[News] [Rival] Yahoo Claimed Safe from Abusive Acquirer

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Yahoo shares dip below $12 amid call for Microsoft deal

,----[ Quote ]
| The shares haven't dipped below $12 since the summer of 2003. 


Yahoo investor proposal unlikely to push Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| A relatively small Yahoo shareholder is proposing a new Microsoft takeover 
| offer, but analysts don't think it's enough to entice the companies back to 
| the negotiating table.  
| On Thursday, Mithras Capital, a California investor and Yahoo shareholder, 
| issued a statement proposing that Microsoft buy Yahoo at US$22 per share, $11 
| less per share than Microsoft's last offer for the entire company, but still 
| a premium over the current price.    



AOL-Yahoo Merger Details Emerge; Deal Could Happen This Month

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo is continuing its marathon merger discussions with AOL, sources close
| to the negotiations have whispered to us, and a deal could happen as early as
| this month. Is this just a rehash of the reported discussions in February and
| then again in April?


Does Anyone Want Yahoo? Anyone? Bueller?

,----[ Quote ]
| Nine months after Yahoo first rejected a takeover bid from Microsoft, the
| Sunnyvale, Calif., Web search and advertising concern still is looking for a
| deal to solve its troubles.


Investor proposes Microsoft buy Yahoo for $22 per share

,----[ Quote ]
| Under the proposal by investment fund Mithras Capital, Microsoft would unload
| Yahoo's Asian assets and non-search businesses, extract $3 billion worth of
| cost savings and receive $2.8 billion of tax benefits, meaning the software
| giant would pay $10.3 billion for Yahoo's search business.


Yahoo investor seeks to revive Microsoft deal

,----[ Quote ]
| The investment firm Mithras Capital, a large Yahoo Inc. shareholder, has
| renewed its push to get the Web-search company to sell itself to Microsoft
| Corp., according to press reports.


Review delays Yahoo, Google pact

,----[ Quote ]
| The pact was brokered in the wake of Microsoft's withdrawn takeover bid for
| Yahoo. At the time, Microsoft had changed course to try and buy Yahoo's
| search biz, but Yahoo wasn't interested in such an arrangement.
| Since then, Google's share of the Web search market has widened to 63% as of
| August, according to Internet tracking firm comScore. Yahoo dropped to 19.6%
| and Microsoft slipped to 8.3%.


Live Searches Drop Below 1 Billion

,----[ Quote ]
| August U.S. search share data shows ugly declines for Microsoft in 2008.


Yahoo joins Google in defending ad deal

,----[ Quote ]
| "Here's the bottom line," Decker wrote late last week. "Yahoo will use this
| agreement to help us become a stronger competitor in all aspects of online
| advertising; and Yahoo is not exiting the sponsored search business. We plan
| to remain a strong player in sponsored search."
| [...]
| Early on, she takes issue with a statistic thrown around by Microsoft that
| the deal gives Google 90 percent share of the search-ad market, a statistic
| that derives from combining the two companies' individual share. "That's just
| plain wrong," she said. "It's important to note that the agreement is
| non-exclusive and gives us the option to 'backfill' with Google ads if and
| when we see fit. The reason we structured the deal this way--rather than a
| more typical exclusive deal with revenue commitments to us and traffic
| commitments to Google--was precisely to avoid the issues the critics are
| raising."


Google Gets 70% of U.S. Searches

,----[ Quote ]
| But Google's gain led to lower numbers for other search companies. Yahoo Inc.
| received 19.62% of U.S. searches in June, down from 21.31% last year, while
| MSN Search received 5.46%, down from 9.85% in June 2007.


Microsoft shifts its search to AOL

,----[ Quote ]
| "To remain competitive in online advertising Microsoft needs to quickly
| expand its footprint on the internet. But there is a limited number of large
| internet companies or operations to buy."


Ballmer Still Searching for an Answer to Google

,----[ Quote ]
| "Forty percent of servers run Windows, 60 percent run Linux," he said. "How
| are we doing? Forty is less than 60, so I don't like it. ... We have some
| work to do."


Microsoft's new tack: Bribery as a business model

,----[ Quote ]
| But truth be told, it's not the worst idea. What's the harm in giving it a
| shot? In a recession--or whatever you want to call the current economic
| malaise in the United States--consumers are open to bribes (oh, I forgot:
| rebates). So why not see if this strikes the people's fancy? But this is only
| a holding action. The reason more people use Google's search is the user
| experience. It works better, so they keep returning. Microsoft CEO Steve
| Ballmer knows this.

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