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Terry is back

  • Subject: Terry is back
  • From: Terry Porter <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 08:40:07 -0500
  • Bytes: 4361
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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  • Xref: ellandroad.demon.co.uk comp.os.linux.advocacy:697174
Hi All,

After several years away from COLA, I thought I'd pop in, say hi, and see 
if the Wintrolls are still as active as they used to be, considering the 
beating they are taking these days, in every area.

Hi to all the new Linux advocates and the old ones as well, g'day Mark K!

I've been forged many times over the years, when in fact my last post to 
Cola was probably pre 2001.

Contrary to the usual silly "I've gone back to Windows" fake posts in my 
name, Linux is still my *only* OS, and I use it for everything as always.

I've been very fortunate and have no need to use anything other than 
Linux in my daily work since 1997, which many Linux advocates cannot say 
(unfortunately) due to the Microsoft Monopoly.

I've been flat out the last 5 years with my own WiFi business, doing 
technical support, network designs and supplying Access Points, so I 
won't be posting here often, certainly not like I once used to, with up 
to 300 replies a day.

I can almost hear Kelsey B breath a sigh of relief. Never fear Kelsey, 
I'm older and a bit wiser now ;-)

I've personally supplied around 3500 Access points over the last 5 years 
all powered by Linux of course, as Linux in the embedded space is the 
sensible option.

Even my TV, a 32" LG Hidef TV runs Linux.

My three commercial set top boxes run Linux.

My partner Janice, runs Linux Debian 4.0 on her workstation, and her Acer 
Aspire one runs Linpus (default).

Our server a hp-netserver runs Slackware, and this workstation which is a 
Intel quad core runs Gnu/Gentoo/Icewm. It has 27 virtual desktops, all of 
which are packed with applications.

I have two Asus Eeepc900's one I use for Wifi work and runs Debian Lenny, 
the other is a spare, still unpacked in its box.

In 1997 it was clear that Linux was an unstoppable force, and it's 
interesting to see how Linux has grown exponentially since that time, 
which is amazing considering the size and power of the Convicted 
Monopolist which attempts every day to cut off the supply of Linux 
devices by any and all means possible, both legal and illegal.

Now for some uptimes :-
This workstation: gronk1 mnt # uptime
 23:55:13 up 56 days,  7:02, 31 users,  load average: 2.12, 2.09, 2.09
Server: root@wifi:/var/www/htdocs/public# uptime
 22:53:12 up 44 days,  5:43,  6 users,  load average: 0.19, 0.15, 0.13

What Linux apps do I use ?

So many, I'll just name a few :-
Network designs are done using Kicad or gEDA.
PCB designs are done using PCB
Browsing: Firefox3
User manuals: LaTeX ( I'll never use anything else)
Spreadsheets: Open Office
VM: Qemu/KVM
Cad Drawing: Qcad
Programing Editor: Gvim
HTML: Bluefish
Firewall rulesets: FwBuilder
Db: Postgress with Pgadmin3
Labels: Glabels
Accounts: Sql-Ledger, but moving to WebERP

What non Linux apps or os do I use ?
Answer: zero (0)
Why ?: If you have to ask, then you have never *really* used Linux.

Cheers for now

Linux full time, on the desktop, since August 1997

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