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[News] OpenOffice.org a Success, Enough for Everyone at Schoolo

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Measuring the true success of OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| Is success measured in downloads, or up-loads ? are bugs filed as good as 
| bugs fixed ? are volunteer marketers as valuable as volunteer developers ? If 
| we have lots of bugs filed and lots of volunteer management material is that 
| success ? is the pace of change important ? Does successful QA exist to 
| create process to slow and reject changes, or by accelerating inclusion of 
| fixes improve quality ? Is success having complete, up-to-date and detailed 
| specifications for every feature ? Is success getting everyone to slavishly 
| obey laborious multi-step processes, before every commit ? Alternatively does 
| success come through attracting and empowering developers, who have such fun 
| writing the code that they volunteer their life, allegiance and dreams to 
| improve it ?           


Is OpenOffice good enough?

,----[ Quote ]
| I still stick with my original answer: yes, it is. For the vast majority of 
| users (students, teachers, and administrators, especially), OpenOffice is 
| more than good enough. The price is certainly right, too.  
| Even for the most savvy power users, OpenOffice will suffice. However, 
| secretaries, as we all know, run our schools. Anything we can do to keep them 
| happy and make them as productive as possible should probably be a high 
| priority for us.    


Open Source in Education

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK Government, even more so now they have just spanked £500bn propping up 
| the banking system, must start to act and reduce the outrageous and 
| completely wasteful expenditure on proprietary software. Why oh why don’t we 
| just do a nation-wide roll out of OpenOffice.org to EVERY computer in the 
| public sector and especially in Education? It would be a good start, and then 
| we can get rid of that festering boil called Windows later.     
|     * No more extortionate upgrade costs,
|     * no more public documents created in binary, patent encumbered formats,
|     * an end to the single vendor lock-in and monopoly,
|     * no more two-tier children…



Just a coincidence?

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Davide Dozza, Chairman of Associazione PLIO: "The numbers are 
| exactly the same. If it's just a coincidence, it's a very strange one. 
| Downloads of the Italian version of OpenOffice.org were 800.000 in 2006 and 
| 1.800.000 in 2007: the difference is exactly in the million of Italians 
| that - according to Microsoft - have downloaded the trial version of Office 
| 2007. We think that these users have decided to switch to OpenOffice.org as 
| soon as they have realized that the effort to get used to the new ribbon 
| interface is higher than the effort to migrate to the open source suite. In 
| 2007, the majority of information requests has been about the compatibility 
| with Windows Vista, and the trend stays unchanged in 2008".         



Sun Adds New Twinkle to StarOffice, OpenOffice

,----[ Quote ]
| Roughly 1 million copies of OpenOffice.org are downloaded per week, not 
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| including distributions through vendors such as Google, Herring said.  

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