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Re: Wait till you hear this: Guess who is complaining about monopoly and abuse of market power?

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____/ Ramon F Herrera on Tuesday 09 September 2008 18:44 : \____

> I am not sure which one would be the best term to define this latest
> Microsoft move: chutzpah, audacity, moxie, gall, balls or cojones?
> Perhaps "hipocresy" is best?
> http://tinyurl.com/57b82w
> -RFH

Microsoft uses proxies like AstroTurfers to do the accusations (same with
Microsoft's current attacks on Apple):

Corn Farmers Against Google?

,----[ Quote ]
| Only if they're planting in AstroTurf
| [...]
| How do you know the organization, and the op-ed, weren't created by LawMedia
| Group at the behest of some well-funded clients? If they did their jobs
| right, you don't know.
| Some of them have left digital fingerprints here and there, though, says
| Declan McCullagh, in a blockbuster of a report exposing the intellectual
| whoredom offered for various important issues. Shortly after Microsoft hired
| LawMedia, for example, legislators, national agencies, and news outlets
| received pointed complaints from coalitions of farmers, rural voters, and
| geeky Latinos about how Google's advertising deal with Yahoo would wreck
| everything.
| [...]
| Don't call them a PR firm or a lobbying firm though, Law Media – which has a
| ton of lawyers working for them too—is a "public affairs firm" specializing
| in producing "remarkable coalitions" for anything one might need a coalition
| for.


Shades of "Letters from the Dead":

More Microsoft astroturfing?

,----[ Quote ]
|  TCS’s articles have also complemented work being done by DCI. During 2000,
|  Microsoft contracted with DCI to perform various services, among them
|  generating “grassroots” letters opposing a breakup of Microsoft and
|  launching Americans for Technology Leadership, an anti-breakup group funded
|  in part by Microsoft and run out of DCI’s office. Meanwhile, down the hall,
|  Tech Central Station went on the offensive, inaugurating an “anti-trust”
|  section that over the coming months would publish little except defenses of
|  Microsoft and attacks on the software maker’s corporate and governmental
|  antagonists, with occasional detours into the subject of lawsuit reform.
|       (Microsoft smartly plugged some of the articles on its own Web site.)
| (More on the fake letters here; another bit of Microsoft astroturf here.)
| With TCS pushing Microsoft’s agenda in one area, what do they publish about
| Open Source software, another strategic concern for Microsoft? To find out, I
| collected all the articles published in TCS on Open Source software and
| listed them in the table below.


Microsoft lobbying campaign backfires; even dead people write in support of

,----[ Quote ]
| Letters purportedly written by at least two dead people landed on the desk of
| Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff earlier this year, imploring him to go
| easy on Microsoft for its conduct as a monopoly.
| The pleas, along with more than 100 others from Utah residents, are part of a
| carefully orchestrated nationwide campaign by the software giant that may be
| backfiring. Microsoft sought to create the impression of a surging
| grass-roots movement, aimed largely at the attorneys general of some of the
| 18 states that have joined the Justice Department in suing Microsoft.
| The Microsoft campaign goes to great lengths to create an impression that the
| letters are spontaneous expressions from ordinary people. Letters sent in the
| last month are on personalized stationery using different wording, color and
| typefaces, details that distinguish Microsoft's efforts from lobbying tactics
| that go on in politics every day.


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