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[News] GNU/Linux in a German New Film

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Ubuntu In Popular Culture

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday we watched “Berlin am Meer” - not a world-changing, but nice movie 
| filmed in Berlin. As in all other modern movies which happen to be shot in 
| Berlin, I enjoy the sensation of recognising where the scene happened (”Nice, 
| that’s like 5 minutes from here.” or “We’ve been at that spot last weekend.”) 
| The movie did not disappoint us in that regard, lots of scenes were shot in 
| Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Treptow.     
| In addition to that, I was pleased to see they used Ubuntu in a short scene. 
| (The supposed best friend of the leading character copies files from his 
| laptop without him knowing.)  



If it's animation or special effects, it's Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Rowe's not just being a Linux booster. It's the Gospel truth. The animation
| and FX for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Star Wars: The
| Clone Wars; WALL-E; 300; The Golden Compass; Harry Potter and the Order of
| the Phoenix; and I Am Legend, to name but a few recent movies, were all
| created using Pixar's RenderMan and Autodesk Maya running on Linux clusters.


Ubuntu on NBC

,----[ Quote ]
| Jane Silber posted on the ubuntu-news-team list that Ubuntu could get plugged
| on US TV Wednesday during a discussion of new notebooks.


Italian TV talks about Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| In this video an Italian TV program, NeaPòlis, talks about ubuntu as a very
| stable, high performance and easy to install operative system.


Ubuntu in Vermist

,----[ Quote ]
| In today’s episode of spot the operating system we present to you the Belgian
| movie Vermist where police detectives apparently use Ubuntu as their
| operating system of choice.


Red Hat on Mad Money

,----[ Quote ]
| Jim Whitehurst does a good job of publicly dismissing Microsoft while
| claiming not to compete with Windows. My favourite comment though has to
| be “I don’t see Oracle as really assaulting us”.



Hollywood, Linux, and CinePaint at FOSDEM 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| At first, studios had no choice but to develop Linux applications in house.
| The film industry has millions of lines of Linux code, both desktop
| applications and server pipelines. Studio Linux programmers write code in
| C++, Python, Perl, and Java. What does all this secret proprietary Linux code
| do? And, why do they do parallel programming with grid computing? How does
| the film industry use renderfarms with thousands of CPUs?


DreamWorks wins an award for its innovative use of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Behind that effort sits Ed Leonard, chief technology officer at DreamWorks,
| who has been recognized for his work with an Annie Award for "promoting the
| Linux open system for animation in animation studios and gaming software
| development."


Linux Goes Hollywood With New Terra Soft Film Rendering Tool

,----[ Quote ]
| Y-Film is a product formed from two separate applications. The first is a
| cluster construction suite supported by Terra Soft's Y-HPC platform. The
| second is the Artist Productivity and Asset Management Tools developed by
| Scott Frankel, president and VFX supervisor at Circle-S Studios and the lead
| developer of Y-Film. The tool set runs on x86 Linux, Power Linux and Mac OS
| X.


Linux in Hollywood


Studios Using Linux

,----[ Quote ]
|     * Digital Domain
|     * Disney
|     * Double Negative
|     * DreamWorks Animation
|     * Flash Film Works
|     * Hammerhead
|     * Industrial Light & Magic
|     * Moving Picture Company
|     * Pixar
|     * Rhythm & Hues
|     * Sony Pictures
|     * Tippett
|     * Weta Digital


Open Source: Ready for Its Closeup

,----[ Quote ]
| "Linux is the default operating [system] on desktops and servers at major
| animation and visual effects studios, with maybe 98 percent [or more]
| penetration," CinePaint Project Manager Robin Rowe told LinuxInsider.

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