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[News] 20 Reasons to Choose GNU/Linux Over Windows

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20 reasons to shed the Microsoft yoke and use Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| This isn't a matter of belief - just one of pragmatism. I have been running 
| Debian GNU/Linux for the last eight years and some - six years on one PC and 
| the balance on a second one which I upgraded to.  
| [...]
| 19. Freedom: You don't have to register your copy of GNU/Linux. You don't 
| have to validate it. You don't have to call up some faceless entity every 
| time you change to a new PC and want to re-use the same copy. You are your 
| own boss. Even with commercial distributions like Red Hat, you can always opt 
| for CentOS - which is Red Hat minus the trademarks. With Windows, they don't 
| sell freedom.     


Last week:

Moving from Mac to Ubuntu: Why I’m switching

,----[ Quote ]
| Why I’m leaving Mac
|    1. Crap file management.The Finder doesn’t work for me. No location bar
|    and no tree strucure side panel makes it difficult to navigate folders and
|    move files around the way I want to.
|    2. Insufficient panels & customization. In Ubuntu I can have as many
|    panels I want, can put all kinds of stuff on them, and can arrange them
|    however I want. In OSX You just have the dock, and you can really only put
|    applications or files on them, and you can’t even put in a separator to
|    keep them organized.
|    3. Various other annoyances. Such as:
|           * program menus are glued to the top of the screen on one monitor
|           only, which detaches them from the window. This is especailly
|           annoying when the program you’re using is on the second monitor.
|           * the date/time doesn’t open to a navigable calendar. I often use
|           this to check dates in the past or future.
|           * you can’t see hidden files unless you run a command from the
|           terminal to turn them on. Thus, hidden files are either always on
|           or always off.


Why Switch to Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| In an interesting post on Lifehacker, the editors ask the readers "Why did
| you switch to Linux?" The question drew quite a lot of interesting responses,
| including some very offbeat reasons for why people made the switch. If you're
| under the impression that people switch solely for rebellious or "fight the
| man" reasons, here are some of the more interesting responses and trends that
| they point to.

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