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Re: Zombie plague sweeps the internet

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____/ Sinister Midget on Thursday 04 September 2008 22:58 : \____

> On 2008-09-04, bbgruff <bbgruff@xxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> Oh dear - I do hope that you Linux loonies aren't responsible for this....
>> "The summer saw a surge in the number of hijacked home PCs or "zombies", say
>> security experts"
>> "The Shadowserver Foundation, which tracks zombie numbers worldwide, said it
>> had seen at least a threefold increase in the last three months"
>> Ah!  .... but wait!
>> We got the BBC to highlight the real culprits, remember?
>> It goes on:-
>> "The vast majority of machines in these botnets will be PCs running a
>> version of Microsoft *Windows* "!
> It seems Winders is the most popularplatform among zombies, too. In
> fact, I'd bet the percentage is very near 100.
>> - so maybe you guys are off the hook?
>> ... - or are you?  After all, it's A Well Known Fact that only 3 people in
>> the world use Linux (me, you, and Linus), so it's small consolation that we
>> only "contribute" between 0 and 3 machines to this, is it?
>> (Somebody tell me where they get the 450,000 from?  It that actually "active
>> at any one time", I wonder?)
> They covered themselves: "More than 450,000 computers are now part of
> zombie networks....." The "more than" part includes numbers such as
> 35,000,000,000,000 and 450,001. So I'd hazard they have a fairly
> accurate number there.
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7596676.stm

This explains why over 120 billion items SPAM circulate per day. That's enough
to feed every human on the planet over 20 "Delete presses" per day.

What is the speed of spam? 7.8 billion messages per hour!

,----[ Quote ]
| Spam volumes have doubled, and the Srizbi botnet alone was seen to be capable
| of pumping out an astonishing 7.8 billion messages an hour. That is probably
| worth repeating: 7.8 BILLION spams every single hour!


Bots rule in cyberspace

,----[ Quote ]
| USA TODAY REPORTS that on an average day, 40 per cent of the 800 million
| computers connected to the Internet are bots used to send out spam, viruses
| and to mine for sensitive personal data.


"Spam will be a thing of the past in two years’ time."

                        --Bill Gates, 2004

"There are no significant bugs in our released software that any significant
number of users want fixed."

                        --Bill Gates, 1995

"The Internet? We are not interested in it."

                        --Bill Gates, 1993

"Like almost everyone who uses e-mail, I receive a ton of spam every day. Much
of it offers to help me get out of debt or get rich quick. It would be funny
if it weren't so irritating."

                        --Bill Gates

- -- 
"There's a lot of Linux out there -- much more than Microsoft generally signals
publicly -- and their customers are using it..." --Paul DeGroot, a Directions
On Microsoft analyst.
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