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Re: [News] Businesses Choosing "Community" Linux Distros

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____/ Robin T Cox on Monday 01 September 2008 13:27 : \____

> <quote>
> An anonymous reader sends along a PCWorld recap of a new study by the 451
> Group, which claims that business use of 'community' Linux distributions is
> on the rise — distros like Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian, as opposed
> to "corporate" packages like RHEL and Suse. The trend is most evident in
> Europe. The article points out examples in Sweden and Germany, and cites
> growing in-house expertise with Linux as one factor helping enterprises get
> comfortable choosing Linux distros without commercial support.
> Interestingly, the Swedish company mentioned, Blocket.se, has made a one-off
> support arrangement with their hardware vendor HP:
> "HP is really providing device driver and utility support it uses for
> customers running RHEL, but because the two distributions are
> binary-compatible, that support approach works just fine for CentOS.
> Blocket relies on its own engineers, systems administration, and software
> development to get its applications running on Linux. "
> </quote>
> http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/09/01/0856237

Possible FUD warning:

This Bill Snyder article which has just made Slashdot comes from an Apple and
Microsoft shareholder, who loves to downplay FOSS because of his portfolio.
There's history there.

Since the guy also like to sling mud at Linux, I believe his hidden message in
this case is that there's no money in GNU/Linux (support). It's a form of FUD,
which he backs using studies from The 451 Group.

The first comment is interesting too. GNU/Linux is huge in Brazil and companies
like Apple hardly exist there; Vista is a non-starter for the large majority
of the machines there. I'm told by a Brazilian that about 8% of the people
there use Linux. And that's even *before* all the schools (52 million kids)
get Debian and KDE installed.

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"There's a lot of Linux out there -- much more than Microsoft generally signals
publicly -- and their customers are using it..." --Paul DeGroot, a Directions
On Microsoft analyst.
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