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[News] X Server Gets More Robust with Ubuntu Patch/Feature

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Ubuntu's BulletProofX Takes Simpler Step Forward

,----[ Quote ]
| Introduced in Ubuntu 7.10 was a feature known as BulletProofX, which provides 
| a fail-safe mode that is by default used when the X server fails to properly 
| initialize. In this original implementation, it would default back to using 
| the VESA display driver with 256 colors and then proceed to run the 
| displayconfig-gtk utility. While this is nice for the end-user as it keeps 
| them from touching a terminal to debug an X server problem, for experienced 
| users it inhibits them from easily debugging the problem. This Canonical 
| implementation also had frustrated other users. However, with the forthcoming 
| Ubuntu 8.10 release, it has received some much-needed improvements while 
| making BulletProofX more simple.         



What’s behind GregKH’s (latest) Rant?

,----[ Quote ]
| Some missing numbers…
| I dug up a few numbers that Greg missed.
|     * Worldwide Employees
|           o Canonical: < 200
|           o Red Hat: ~2200
|           o Novell: ~4100
|           o IBM: 386,558


If not Google, which corporation best champions open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| So who might replace it?
|     * IBM, which has more open source projects out there than anyone else?
|     * Red Hat, which offers the leading Linux distribution?
|     * Canonical, which is so public in its support of desktop Linux through
|       Ubuntu?


In defense of Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Criticisms of the Ubuntu distribution and Canonical, its corporate sponsor,
| are not hard to come by. Depending on who is speaking, Ubuntu and Canonical
| are guilty of profiting from the free software community without giving back
| to it, forking important projects or distributions, legitimizing the use of
| binary-only system components, and more. Of all of these gripes, it is
| the "contributing to the community" complaint which is heard most. If one
| believes these complaints, Ubuntu is a parasitic operation which does not
| understand how the community works and which is harmful to the community as a
| whole.

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