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[News] Free Software Ideology Adopted for Prosthetics, Radio

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Open-Source Thinking Revolutionizes Prosthetic Limbs
,----[ Quote ]
| The reality is that there's no traditional economic incentive to do work and 
| make improvements on prosthetics. That doesn't mean that nobody cares, but 
| most people don't have the money or know-how to magnify whatever efforts or 
| improvements they make. I think we can generate far more societal benefit if  
| we give away information than if we commercialized and sold the ideas. Our 
| goal is to create a way to share these efforts and improvements with anyone 
| who needs them.     
Open-source radio technology: Now available for process engineering

,----[ Quote ]
| Following the technological progress of fieldbus in process automation, the 
| next development step in field communication is that of solutions involving 
| radio technology. Can radio technology be used on an “across the board” 
| basis? Based on open standards, the HART Communication Foundation provides 
| the answer with WirelessHART.    


Timbl too was inspired by Stallman when he created the WWW.


Radio NZ rolls out Ogg Vorbis

,----[ Quote ]
| Hulse says the use of Ogg Vorbis has been in the planning stage for a while,
| but was delayed while he worked out a way to rationalise Radio New Zealand’s
| storage.


Collaborative Radio Shows Invite Listeners into Creative Process

,----[ Quote ]
| Greta Pemberton, the Blogger in Chief for Open Source, told me 
| the show averaged about 150,000 listeners on-air per week and 
| 150,000 downloads of its podcast per month.


Digipup: A Linux live CD for amateur radio

,----[ Quote ]
| With Digipup, you can verify compatibility with your amateur radio
| rig, your logs, and your inner nature without going to the trouble
| of installing a Linux distribution to do so. Just plop Digipup in
| your CD drive, boot the system, and there you are.


An adventure in Iraqi freedom with Streamtime and FLOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Van der Spek wanted to create hundreds of small radio stations by
| turning workstations into Internet broadcasting machines using Dyne:bolic,
| a live Linux CD optimized with all the necessary digital media software.
| Dyne:bolic runs on almost any kind of Intel hardware and doesn't need to
| be installed on the hard drive. Because it runs in RAM, it leaves no
| permanent trace of its presence on the workstation, making it safe for use
| by those in occupied territories who might risk prosecution if authorities
| discovered a rogue radio broadcast. 


Linux-based Audiobot Pro broadcasts your own radio station

,----[ Quote ]
| The aptly-named Audiobot Pro is a Linux-based device which enables
| customers to "distribute audio to radio stations and music venues."
| Made for those who adore simplicity, you simply connect up an audio
| source and it "automatically records, formats, and uploads MP3
| recordings to any website."


Radio Open Source Gets $250K MacArthur Grant

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking of funding for public broadcasting, yesterday the Public
| Radio International show Radio Open Source announced it's received
| a $250,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur
| Foundation "in support of the innovative use of Internet-based
| tools in the production of a daily public radio program."


KRUU, open source radio

,----[ Quote ]
| Amongst other things, it seems, he meant that KRUU has made a
| commitment to use only Open Source software. As KRUU founder
| Roland Wells explained on Open Views, all KRUU's PCs run on the
| GNU/Linux operating system, and the audio editing tools (Ardour
| and Audacity) used by DJs at the station are also Open Source. 


Open Source Radio is A Sound Salvation

,----[ Quote ]
| The song sharply criticizes the commercialization of mainstream
| radio ("They;re saying things that I can hardly believe") and one
| can only imagine the shock NBC executives experienced that night
| considering their radio station was the very sort Costello
| condemned. Performing "Radio Radio" without warning at SNL got
| Costello banned from the show for 12 years.
| [...]
| But new media and technology is finally reversing the trend of putting
| "the radio in the hands of such a lot of fools tryin' to anaesthetize
| the way that you feel," as Costello would put it.


Open source Campcaster empowers independent radio broadcasters


Radio goes the open source route


Linux radio suite powers independent broadcasters

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