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[News] [Rival] Fine Example Why GPL Licensing is a Winner

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India Inc Voice Concern Over Sun s Open Source  

,----[ Quote ]
| My Twitter network points out as I write this that MySQL is open source and 
| under the GPL, so it can't really be killed; it's already been spun off in a 
| slimmer form into the open source community, as Drizzle.  


GPL: why Eric Raymond is wrong 

,----[ Quote ]
| In the midst of such a situation, a man who advances an argument that the 
| markets can seek efficiency and attain it is talking rubbish. The markets are 
| controlled by human beings. And it is these flawed human beings who decide 
| the direction things take by means of the crooked or straight tactics they 
| use.    
| Thus, the most efficient system does not win. The system that is willing to 
| bend the rules to its advantage, use its contacts to avoid prosecution and 
| its money to lessen resistance and shape public opinion wins. Let me say just 
| one word here: Microsoft.   
| If the markets were efficient, then companies like Citibank would have 
| failed. The same goes for AIG, General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford - all 
| companies where the management failed.  



OSBC: Life at the edge of the GPL

,----[ Quote ]
| A problem shimming scenario is using it to attempt to undo a previous
| decision to combine software. It could be "admitting that what you did was
| problematic." If possible, try to buy a exception from the copyright holder
| instead, Norman said. Shimming is possible and might even be necessary, as in
| the case of third-party code that can't be relicensed. But the lesson is that
| companies will save time, use fewer developers, make a simpler product, and
| avoid legal bills just sticking with the copyleft.


Sorry, not right. An answer to Raymond’s post on the GPL

,----[ Quote ]
| In general, of all the aspects of OSS that are interesting (and there are
| many), I find the GPL family of licenses as the brightest examples of law
| engineering, and I believe that a substantial reason for the successes of OSS
| are dependent on it. Of course, there are other economical aspects that are
| relevant, and I agree with the fact that OSS is in general more efficient (as
| I wrote here, here and here). I disagree with both the premise and the
| conclusions, however, as I believe that the set of barriers created by the
| GPL are vital to create a sustainable market here and now, and not in an
| hypotetical future.



Small Universe: LinCity-NG 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Lincity-NG (the NG means Next Generation) is a graphical and game-oriented
| city planning simulation, now updated in version 2.0, that not only includes
| graphic enhancements but provides entire ecosystem simulation.
| Improvements went into water simulation and landscape elements, such as
| grass, trees and desert areas, which are rendered more realistically.
| Elements include various types of bridges (including for railroads), street
| surfaces and fountains. Life near tainted industrial areas isn't depicted as
| particularly pleasant, although parks help in reducing the damage.

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