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[News] [Rival] E-mail and Servers with Free Software Spread and Mark Success

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Funambol Mobile Open Source Community Testing Grows 2,000%, Downloads Gain 34%
and Active Servers Increase 42%

,----[ Quote ]
| In the past three months, Funambol's open source community testing increased 
| 2,000%, open source downloads grew 34% and active servers increased 42%. 
| Funambol's community continues to enhance the software's interoperability 
| with many systems, including Google apps, MS Exchange, Android and Mozilla 
| Thunderbird. Furthermore, Funambol's expansion into mobile social networking 
| has fueled significant developer interest and activity.      


Open source Exchange replacements

,----[ Quote ]
| The messaging and groupware landscape has altered significantly in the last 
| few years with, like it or loathe it, Microsoft’s Exchange Server now firmly 
| ensconced as the number one solution regardless of customer size or industry 
| sector. There are alternatives, of course, but rival developers have more or 
| less given up on trying to beat Microsoft at (what’s now) it’s own game. 
| Instead most now concentrate their efforts on developing alternative 
| messaging and collaboration servers which to end users, and their 
| applications, look and behave just like the Exchange they’re hoping to 
| replace.        


Need open source e-mail security? Get it ASSP!

,----[ Quote ]
| What is the best way to prevent spam and viruses from entering your inbox? 
| According to its makers, the open source Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) server 
| project takes the honours because of its design and feature set, and best of 
| all it is free and cross-platform.    



The Apache Software Foundation Names Qpid a Top-Level Project

,----[ Quote ]
| The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) today announced the graduation of the
| Qpid project from the Apache Incubator as a Top-Level Project (TLP),
| signifying that the Project's community and products have been well-governed
| under the ASF's meritocratic process and principles.

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