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[News] New Interviews with Mark Shuttleworth

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sabdfl speaks: An interview with Mark Shuttleworth

,----[ Quote ]
| (12:53:57 PM) jcastro: <Froad_> QUESTION: A new announcement by Microsoft 
| says there will be Open Office support in Office 2007, do you think that one 
| way to gain users is to make Microsoft Adapt to us?  
| (12:54:19 PM) sabdfl: Froad_: i'm glad that they will do this, but i hear the 
| support is terrible 
| (12:54:29 PM) sabdfl: i think we should rather push harder for open document 
| standards 
| (12:54:51 PM) sabdfl: the ISO standards process was embarrassing last year
| (12:55:06 PM) sabdfl: we have this amazing thing - the web - built entirely 
| on an open format 
| (12:55:13 PM) sabdfl: and yet .doc lives in the dark ages
| (12:55:35 PM) sabdfl: purely because governments and companies chickened out 
| of demanding that openness 
| (12:55:51 PM) sabdfl: if we demand openness, then we'll get a better long 
| term result 


Mark Shuttleworth Q+A Part 1: Gnome 3, New Themes, MONO & Peanut Butter On

,----[ Quote ]
| Ayatana is an initiative that spans desktop environments (there are folks 
| there from KDE and GNOME at least, possibly XFCE et al) and I expect us to 
| engage directly with individual upstreams as well as the broader DE's.  
| Notifications will see an evolutionary improvement in 9.10 - that is under 
| discussion on the Ayatana list as will the messaging menu. Those discussions 
| are all public so please join in!  
| There are some other new features that we are working on for partners, they 
| will be open source when they release and go into the next version of Ubuntu. 
| More on those in the announcements in due course!  



Shuttleworth: Windows 7 an Opportunity for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| "The principals of diversity in the desktop space are well established,"
| Shuttleworth told InternetNews.com. "The benefits to consumers and industry
| of having an alternative are very substantial. Any change in the status quo
| is an opportunity."

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