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[News] MythTV Spawns Out Radio Show

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MythTVCast podcast kicks off

,----[ Quote ]
| A new semi-weekly podcast concentrating on the building, configuration and 
| running of MythTV has begun. Each one hour episode will cover the ins and 
| outs of building and running your own MythTV system. The first episode of the 
| MythTVCast can be downloaded directly: Episode 00    



New MythTV Interface Preview

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the biggest new features of the next version of MythTV (version .22)
| will be its new user interface. This new interface will offer many new
| features to MythTV, including animation, better interactivity, and faster and
| easier development for themers and developers alike. MythTV is an open-source
| DVR that was created by Isaac Richards back in 2002 because of his
| frustration with his low quality cable box. Since then MythTV has progressed
| into a full featured DVR/media player. It has users all over the world and a
| huge number of developers working to make the software even better.



Building An Ubuntu MythTV Box

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu 7.04 setup with MythTV had gone smoothly and in no
| time we were watching and recording TV using the Hauppauge
| WinTV-PVR-500 MCE. While we have done multiple MythTV setups
| in the past, it was incredibly easy to setup on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.


MythTV vs. Vista MCE: First Impressions

,----[ Quote ]
| First, I suppose I need to start with a disclaimer before discussing
| the relative merits of MythTV and Vista MCE as I've experienced them
| over the past month.


The various levels of suckage - Windows MCE

,----[ Quote ]
| I also worked for a company which designed dedicated media center
| machines. Slick looking boxes for under the tv action. drool. Around
| 20000 sold, and counting. So that means I have a very valid opinion.
| My son has a mce machine in his room, I have one in the lounge, and my
| car is running mce. I also got my brother and sister set up with mce.
| So now I have a very very very valid opinion.
| That means you have to sit and listen while I moan, because I am not
| moaning due to having a bad day. I am moaning due to this piece of
| crap microsoft is trying to tout to all and sundry. Yes, I have
| given it a good innings, more than most would attempt, and I still
| use it for lack of anything else wife friendly. That doesnt make
| it good.


Pre-build MythTV Linux PVR eats Windows MCE for breakfast

,----[ Quote ]
| Basically this is an unpack-and-plug-in solution to your media
| streaming/live TV pausing/scheduled recording needs.  Yes, you
| could build your own Linux box and install MythTV, but this saves
| you all the effort, is cheaper than a Windows Media Centre and
| gives you access to a vast range of fan-programmed add-ons.


Linux as a Media Centre

,----[ Quote ]
| As far as comparing Mythtv to Windows Media Centre, there is really
| no comparison, Mythtv is in a class of its own and puts WMC to shame
| in almost every department possible. This is the sort of application
| that could introduce Linux to many new users and households. Well done
| Isaac and the rest of the team, keep up the good work.


Monolith Media Center brings MythTV to the technophobe

,----[ Quote ]
| If MythTV's promise of a free Windows Media Center alternative sounds
| exciting, but you can't quite bring yourself to navigate the trials of
| a Linux install on your own, then you might be interested in
| Monolith's pre-built Media Center PCs, which come with MythTV
| pre-installed on top of Ubuntu Linux.


MythTV vs Windows Media Centre: is Linux still in with a chance?

,----[ Quote ]
| In terms of functionality, the machines were identical.
| MCE is beautiful to look at and use -- but if had the choice between a
| swankier interface and saving a few hundred dollars on the cost of the
| unit, I'd go for saving the money anyday.


MythTV - Record and playback all your favourite TV soaps in GNU/Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| KnoppMyth : This is an attempt at making the Linux and MythTV installation
| as trivial as possible...
| MythTV for XBox - This is a project which aids in setting up MythTV on
| ones XBox gaming station with ease...
| MiniMyth - This is a small Linux distribution which turns a diskless
| computer into a MythTV front-end.
| Fedora Myth(TV)ology - This is a project started by Jarod Wilson...

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