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[News] Old PCs Turned to GNU/Linux-powered Thin Clients

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$100 card converts old PCs into Linux thin clients

,----[ Quote ]
| Igel has released an add-in card that enables old desktop PCs to be turned 
| into Linux thin clients on the cheap. The "Igel TC Card" costs $100 and 
| requires a computer to have an available PCI slot and an IDE interface, the 
| company says.   



IGEL Technology Announces VMware® Ready Certified Status for its Linux-based
Thin Clients and VMware Virtual Desktop Manager

,----[ Quote ]
| IGEL Technology, one of the world's leading thin client vendors, and VMware
| Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program member, today announced
| certification for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1, on IGEL's Linux-based
| Smart, Compact, Winestra and Premium Universal Desktop appliances. VMware
| provides TAP program members with tools to develop products that are
| complementary to VMware virtualization software and help deliver high-value
| solutions to our joint customers.


First Linux on Everest

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux thin client specialist Igel has created a Linux operating system image
| for a rugged panel PC designed for vehicle-mounted and industrial
| applications. The Igel-5310 LX Premium Image works with Glacier's Everest PC
| (pictured), available with a 600 MHz Celeron or 1.4GHz Pentium M processor.


IGEL Technology Announces Availability of its Latest Linux Firmware

,----[ Quote ]
| IGEL Technology has announced the availability of its latest Linux firmware
| on the broadest and most powerful range of thin clients on the market,
| providing customers with an increased choice of hypervisors for virtual PCs.



Linux thin clients gain managability

,----[ Quote ]
| Igel has released an update to its remote management software for
| coordinating its Linux-compatible thin clients. Igel's Remote Management
| Suite (RMS) 2.07 is said to offer easier installation via a new Java
| database, as well as enhanced Microsoft Active Directory support.


Linux thin clients support virtualization

,----[ Quote ]
| Igel is readying Linux-based thin clients capable of hosting VMware virtual
| machines. The company will ship Linux-based thin client firmware next week
| that adds support for VMware's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and
| optionally includes Leostream's VDI Connection Broker.

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