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[News] Companies Fake News Like Microsoft Does

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Fake News Not Quite Dead Yet

,----[ Quote ]
| "For reporters covering breaking news, live broadcasts mean there's no lag 
| time." In other words, sponsored video provided by PR firms "allows reporters 
| to cover stories while cutting travel expenses." Videos can also 
| help "companies with budget restraints, or corporate executives who want to 
| deliver a message to employees," without traveling.    



Italo production: Indians get their OpenXML firewater

,----[ Quote ]
| Stephen McGibbon (MS) says Apache POI would get support for OOXML added, 
| Arnaud Le Hors (IBM) stresses the Apache Foundation does NOT support OOXML 
| and Stephen is fine with that.  
| [...]
| Isn't it funny that all these Microsoft partners start new projects to bring 
| support of OOXML to various open source projects. Sure, people who took a 
| look at the respective code of these myriads of projects were not very much 
| impressed. But at least you get the press headlines. XY adds Open XML support 
| to Emacs, etc. etc    


The Standard Trolls

,----[ Quote ]
| It is hard to resolve the pecking order of posters in the Microsoft blogger 
| echo chamber. So let's just remark that all the usual suspects assisted in 
| this one: Doug Mahugh, Stephen McGibbon, Oliver Bell, Gray Knowlton, etc. Mix 
| together, shake, repeat, turn the crank and presto! Out comes news.   
| [...]
| By analogy to patent trolls, what we're seeing here is the behavior of a 
| standards troll -- defining a conformance clause so vague that everything in 
| the world is considered to support it, and then searching through 
| competitor's web sites in hopes of finding some place where they stumbled 
| into supporting it, and then trying to extract some advantage from it.    
| The point should be to look for examples of where OOXML is supported to the 
| highest degree, to point out the best examples of high-fidelity interchange 
| that your standard allowed. You would think that with so many people at 
| Microsoft with "interoperability" in their job titles, that this would be 
| obvious. I guess not. But don't be sad. You can always count 
| on "supportadmin3" to cheer you up!!!     

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