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[News] PostgreSQL in BitRock Impresses; KVM Ready to Replace VMware

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Impressed with the PostgreSQL Installer

,----[ Quote ]
| BitRock does not appear to have a completely free license but they do seem to 
| give open source projects a “free copy.” Not sure how I feel about this, but 
| I guess if they’re out to make money then it could work for them. Apparentely 
| it doesn’t take much to please me on a mundane Monday morning, I’d have been 
| perfectly fine with a tarball and manual configuration but the GUI has 
| brightened up my day. Thanks BitRock! Does any one else have any encounters 
| or shocking experience with installers? What about BitRock in general?      


KVM vs. VMware: A Case Study 

,----[ Quote ]
| After a month of debate and experimentation, my employer has made the 
| decision to use the open-source KVM virtualization infrastructure for 
| migrating IT resources to a virtualized environment.  Below, I discuss why we 
| chose KVM over its (mostly proprietary) alternatives.   
| [...]
| For IT staff interested in zero-cost, Linux-friendly, feature-rich and 
| resource-efficient virtualization, KVM has become the way to go.  If VMware 
| wants to compete, it needs to rise from the laurels of its crumbling monopoly 
| by innovating and lowering costs.   



IBM puts Oracle to the sword with EnterpriseDB

,----[ Quote ]
| The bigger news, however, may be IBM's partnership with EnterpriseDB, the
| commercial backer of the open-source PostgreSQL database, to embed
| EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server technology into IBM's DB2 9.7
| database product. EnterpriseDB's technology basically allows applications
| written for the Oracle database to run on EnterpriseDB's PostgreSQL...and now
| IBM's DB2.


Horms: KVM, Xen battle for hacker interest

,----[ Quote ]
| If the Linux virtualisation space wasn't heated enough, the open source
| hypervisors Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) and Xen are now duking it out for
| independent developer interest, according to Xen hacker Simon "Horms" Horman.
| Horman is attending this year's linux.conf.au conference in Hobart while
| remaining close to his day job as a senior Linux developer at VA Linux
| Systems Japan K. K, but based in the Sydney office.


KVM virtualisation in Red Hat Linux next year

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat will be in a position to offer Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM), the open
| source virtualisation it garnered with the acquisition of Qumranet, in the
| first half of 2009.
| Asked by CBR when Red Hat will be able to offer the KVM technology as part of
| Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the firm’s president and CEO Jim Whitehurst said it
| is “highly likely” that it would be during calendar 2009 but would not be
| drawn further.


Red Hat acquires Qumranet

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat Inc has acquired Qumranet Inc, the makers of SolidIce. The
| acquisition of Israel-based company adds a virtual desktop infrastructure
| (VDI) product to Red Hat's product portfolio. Red Hat paid $107 million for
| Qumranet. Qumranet's SolidICE product provides a kernel based virtual machine
| based around the open source KVM project which they also sponsor. The KVM
| project has been incorporated into the mainstream Linux kernel since version
| 2.6.20.

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