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[News] Oracle Carries the Java ME Programming Torch (#1 Language)

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As Oracle Becomes Java's Steward, It's Also a Big Player in Mobile Tech

,----[ Quote ]
| JavaME is on almost every phone, Sun has traditionally gotten revenues from 
| support contracts for it, and there is much work going on on JavaFX mobile 
| applications. In acquiring Sun, Oracle will also acquire quite a lot of Java 
| momentum on mobile platforms--a space where it has had nearly no presence in 
| the past.    



Running Java ME applications on Android

,----[ Quote ]
| Each new software platform, including Android, at the beginning is struggling
| with a small number of the available applications. This is why Google spent
| $10 million trying to attract developers to their Android Developer Challenge
| before G1 phone release. Taking advantage of an opportunity to run large
| number of existing Java ME applications may determine a significant value for
| the Android platform. This is also occasion for developers to reduce cost
| preparing mobile software for a smaller number of platforms at the same time.
| MicroEmulator, which is pure Java implementation of Java ME API's in Java SE,
| seems to be very well suited for the Android. Last few months I've been
| working extending MicroEmulator to be an executable environment to run Java
| ME applications on that platform. Here are results of my work with
| demonstration of popular Java ME game 5ud0ku automatically translated to the
| Android.

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