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[News] Free Software and GNU/Linux Achieve the Impossible

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Doing the Impossible

,----[ Quote ]
| There is no “magic” to commons-based peer production. Most of the techniques 
| that have brought free culture products ranging from software to art to 
| electronic hardware have been in play for hundreds or thousands of years. But 
| they do run counter to the patterns of commercial proprietary industry. Due 
| to the massive improvements in communications and authoring technology, we 
| have reached a point where we can be more productive in our “leisure” than we 
| are in our “work”. And any labor of love is almost always going to be 
| superior to labor alone.       
| [...]
| Yet, the commons-based organization of the community, as exemplified by 
| Wikipedia, shows up their productivity. GNU and Linux easily exceed their 
| quality standards. Free arts may well exceed their artistic scope. In a few 
| short years, the commons-based enterprise has out-produced centuries of 
| corporate and government production.    



You couldn’t do this with proprietary software

,----[ Quote ]
| The response was pretty emphatic: you just couldn’t do what Ringside is doing 
| with proprietary software, according to Bob and Rich. As an explanation they 
| discussed their hopes for getting Facebook application developers not just 
| using Ringside for application development, but contributing to the 
| development of the Social Application Server itself.    

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