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[News] MAFIAA Attacks Backups, Exposes Its Own Crookedness

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MPAA-RealDVD Trial Portends Legality of DVD Copying

,----[ Quote ]
| The Motion Picture Association of America and RealNetworks square off in a 
| federal courtroom here Friday to determine the legitimacy of the 
| Seattle-based tech company’s DVD copying software.  
| [...]
| Hollywood is already reeling from open-source DVD decryption software that is 
| free on the internet, and says it’s losing billions in sales because of  
| BitTorrent tracking services like The Pirate Bay that allow users to locate 
| decrypted movies and other online content for free.  


IFPI Accidently Debunks Music Sales Claims for Canada?

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest statistics were promoted by the IFPI and a copy of the claims were 
| published on the CBC. In these statistics as selected by the copyright 
| industry itself suggests that physical music sales - namely CDs and vinyl 
| sales - fell by 15%. Meanwhile, digital music sales grew by 24%.   



Lobbyists Get Congress To Investigate P2P Software... Rather Than Bad Security
And Employee Carelessness

,----[ Quote ]
| Just a couple weeks ago, I received a ridiculous PR pitch from the
| entertainment industry lobbying group Arts+Labs, suggesting that a story
| that "hasn't really gotten the attention it deserves" is the "threat" from
| P2P software being used to "expose private documents to the world." The PR
| guy offered to help walk me through the process of downloading Limewire and
| finding such "exposed documents."


Battle for the Soul of the European Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Even though the internet is 40 years old, and the Web 20, it's only in the
| last couple of years that European politicians have started to take a deep
| interest in its workings – and implications for society. However, the flurry
| of activity we have seen in recent months more than makes up for that long
| neglect.
| What's truly remarkable, though, is how unpredictable all this stuff is
| proving. For example, the fight over the “three strikes and you're out”
| approach, see-saws dramatically between the two sides – those in favour, and
| those against – as the so-called Telecoms Package wends it way through the
| system.


Bickering over three-strikes rule stalls EU telecom reform

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the past 24 hours, the European Parliament and its member states have
| moved further apart on the key stumbling block that's holding up passage of a
| massive telecom reform package: the proposed three strikes rule that would
| see repeat copyright infringers have their 'Net connections cut.


Copyright debate heats up over Obama appointments

,----[ Quote ]
| The president has, in fact, filled out some high-level Justice Department
| positions with lawyers favored by the copyright industry, including attorneys
| who have represented the Recording Industry Association of America and the
| Business Software Alliance. The signatories of the April 2 letter said the
| Justice Department's intervention last month in favor of a record label in a
| file-sharing case heightens their concern.


Biden promises 'right person' as new U.S. copyright czar

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's pure theft, stolen from the artists and quite frankly from the American
| people as consequence of loss of jobs and as a consequence of loss of
| income," Biden said, according to a White House pool report.


MPAA reaches out to lawmakers

,----[ Quote ]
| The occasion: the second biennial summit sponsored by the industry's chief
| lobbying arm, the Motion Picture Assn. of America.


I got you, babe

,----[ Quote ]
| Obama is whistling the music industry's tune


Obama Taps 5th RIAA Lawyer to Justice Dept.

,----[ Quote ]
| President Barack Obama is tapping another RIAA attorney into the Justice
| Department.
| Monday's naming of Ian Gershengorn, to become the department's deputy
| assistant attorney of the Civil Division, comes more than a week after nearly
| two-dozen public interest groups, trade pacts and library coalitions urged
| the new president to quit filling his administration with lawyers plucked
| from the Recording Industry Association of America.
| The move makes it five RIAA lawyers Obama has appointed to the Justice
| Department.


Obama administration sides with RIAA in P2P suit

,----[ Quote ]
| The Obama administration has sided with the recording industry in a copyright
| lawsuit against an alleged peer-to-peer pirate, a move that echoes arguments
| previously made by the Bush administration.


Obama Sides With RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Music Track


U.S. Sides with RIAA in Filesharing Case


Obama Administration Claims Copyright Treaty Involves State Secrets?!?

,----[ Quote ]
| When the Obama administration took over, there was a public stance that this
| administration was going to be more transparent -- especially with regards to
| things like Freedom of Information Act requests. The nonprofit group
| Knowledge Ecology International took that to heart and filed an FOIA request
| to get more info on ACTA. The US Trade Representative's Office responded
| denying the request, saying that the information was "classified in the
| interest of national security pursuant to Executive Order 12958." This is a
| treaty about changing copyright law, not sending missiles somewhere. To claim
| that it's a national security matter is just downright scary. As KEI points
| out, the text of the documents requested have been available to tons of
| people, including more than 30 governments around the world and lobbyists
| from the entertainment industry, pharma industry and publishing industry.


Obama names Doerr, Phillips to economic board

,----[ Quote ]
| Two Silicon Valley leaders have been appointed by President Obama to a
| 16-person committee that's charged with offering economic advice during what
| has become an unusually sharp and deep recession.
| John Doerr, the billionaire venture capitalist at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield
| & Byers, is one. Doerr was involved in funding companies including Google,
| Amazon.com, Sun Microsystems, and Cypress Semiconductor; he currently serves
| on the board of companies including Amazon and Google and has recently turned
| his attention to green tech.
| Charles Phillips, the president of Oracle, is another. Phillips became
| president in May 2003 and previously was with Morgan Stanley's Institutional
| Securities Division. He's a Linux aficionado and said in 2005: "On demand is
| the future of software for many years to come and we are building it on
| Linux."

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