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[News] Centrifuges Adopt Free Software-inspired Methodology

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Spin Analytical to market open-source centrifuge

,----[ Quote ]
| Spin Analytical Inc., a University of New Hampshire spinout that for the past 
| two years has been incubating in the office of its CEO, Brett Austin, expects 
| to deliver its first “open-source” ultracentrifuges in the third quarter of 
| this year, enabling engineers to accelerate the development of centrifuge 
| technologies.    



AcerMed is officially dead. 

,----[ Quote ]
| The important thing to note here is what did NOT matter. The AcerMed people 
| seemed decent enough: did not matter. AcerMed was CCHIT certified: did not 
| matter. AcerMed was recommended in the industry press and by industry 
| experts: did not matter. Companies get sued, people get sick. When will the 
| medical community wake up to the fact that proprietary medical software is 
| incompatible with medicine, incompatible with free thought and dangerous to 
| patient data?      


A Tale of Modern Electronic Medical Record Software

,----[ Quote ]
| One day a Mr. FOSS came to town. Mr. FOSS said: “Why don’t we have all these 
| companies use the same lighthouse design? Why don’t we have all the ship 
| owners and the community own the design instead of all these companies 
| re-inventing the same thing over and over?” So Mr. FOSS went to the town 
| council and to all the ship owners and to consortia of passengers and showed 
| them how to draw up a special contract.     


Is Your Big Company, CCHIT, Proprietary EMR Safe?

,----[ Quote ]
| Think your CCHIT certified, proprietary EMR from a 'big' corporation is a 
| safe bet? Think again. Remember Enron?  


Your data or your life

,----[ Quote ]
| As unlikely and alarmist as this sounds, it could really happen. Intracare
| is the publisher of a popular practice management system called Dr. Notes.
| When some doctors balked at a drastic increase in their annual software
| lease, they were cut off from accessing their own patients? information.
| This situation is completely unconscionable. There can be no truly
| open doctor-patient relationship when an unrelated third party is the
| de facto owner of and gatekeeper to all related data.

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