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[News] Sunoracle Signs More Free Software Agreements Around the World

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Sun Links with SAFEA on Open Source Collaboration

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems, Inc. and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of 
| People's Republic of China (SAFEA) announced it has signed an agreement to 
| improve the quality and capabilities of China's university administrators, 
| teachers and future technologists by leveraging the power of open source 
| technologies.    


Partners Consulting To Implement Open Source Software Infrastructure From Sun

,----[ Quote ]
| Partners Consulting Services, has announced they are all set to implement 
| open source software infrastructure from Sun Microsystems (News - Alert) for 
| a new platform that is expected to reduce development and infrastructure 
| costs for their clients.   



What the Oracle Acquisition of Sun Means for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Both Sun and Oracle are members of the Linux Foundation, with Oracle a
| prominent supporter of the Foundation with its platinum membership. We look
| forward to working with the combined company to further the growth of open
| source, open standards, and Linux.


Shuttleworth: Oracle's Sun buy validates open source

,----[ Quote ]
| He argued that the major sources in software today are either free software
| or powered by free software, Google Yahoo etc.
|     "The fact that Oracle has just announced a multi-billion dollar
|     acquisition of a company that describes itself as the world's biggest
|     Free Software and Open Source company to me is enormously instructive,"
|     Shuttleworth said. "To me it suggests that it cements the idea that open
|     source and free software are the big game in town. And everyone is trying
|     to figure out what that means and how they integrate it, what' they can't
|     do is ignore it."

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