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[News] MSBBC Joins Forced with the MAFIAA?

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The BBC Rehashes MPAA Propaganda

,----[ Quote ]
| As a government owned corporation the BBC has a duty to educate, and be 
| evenhanded in its dealings with subjects. Yet in a recent segment on their 
| long-running ‘Film’ program, currently hosted by Jonathon Ross, the BBC ran a 
| biased segment straight from the MPAA. The BBC on the other hand, believes it 
| was fair and balanced.    


Why promoting democracy via the internet is often not a good idea

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, the world of international digital activism is much more complex 
| that it appears on first sight. As much as I'd like hope that we are already 
| long past the point where most Western governments, agencies, and NGOs 
| operate on the assumption that “Internet=democracy”, I think that the field 
| is still dominated by cyberutopians who do not see the inherent dangers of 
| many cyberactivist campaigns; nor do they see how these campaigns may 
| actually strengthen the governments they were supposed to challenge.      


The BBC is being accused by some British diplomats of spreading propaganda.


Another Microsoft watcher joins Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| IT market watcher Peter O’Kelly has joined a number of other former industry
| analysts who’ve taken the Red Pill and joined Microsoft over the past few
| years.
| [...]
| O’Kelly hinted in his blog post that some of his former IT analyst colleagues
| also  are part of his new collaboration team. O’Kelly didn’t name any names
| or provide further details on exactly what the new team will do.


Beeb slammed for 'fawning' to Bill Gates 

,----[ Quote ]
| BBC viewers have flooded the corporation with complaints over how it
| covered the launch of Microsoft Vista earlier this week.
| In one cringingly servile interview worthy of Uriah Heep, the
| Beeb's news presenter Hugh Edwards even thanked Gates at the
| end of it, presumably in appreciation at being allowed to give
| the Vole vast coverage for free.
| In other TV news items presenters excitedly explained how Vistac
| ould be obtained and installed - details courtesy of the BBC's
| website.
| But British viewers, currently forced to pay a £131.50 licence
| fee to maintain the BBC's "impartiality", were less than impressed.
| Scores got in touch to complain that so much was Auntie up Bill's
| bum that you could barely see her corset.


BBC pinches hot new columnist from Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| In response to the BBC's move into business leader PR expert opinion, El Reg 
| has decided to up the ante with a special video webinar on the secrets of 
| success from the important leather-bound office of one of America's A-grade 
| entrepreneurs:   
| In conclusion: Any fool can quit. Don't be a fool. Stay in school.

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