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[News] How GNU/Linux Sub-notebooks Get Benchmarked, Easy Peasy Instructions

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What Does Linux Benchmarking Look Like?

,----[ Quote ]
| With Phoromatic, there are no geographical boundaries for where you can 
| manage your testing. When tests are done, you can be notified by via e-mail 
| or to your mobile device. I happen to be in Italy, but using the latest 
| Phoronix Test Suite code and the Phoromatic management system that soon will 
| be shared with the public, I am able to effectively manage tests of systems 
| back in the office in the United States.     


How to install Easy Peasy in Acer Aspire One

,----[ Quote ]
| I 've been using Acer Aspire One for the last month and while I really like 
| its GUI, which made it easy to use like a cell-phone, the pre-installed 
| Linpus Lite is well...Lite...  



Easy Peasy Eeebuntu Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently I purchased an eeepc 1000H and was quite impressed with the new and
| different operating system. I hail from a windows only background and
| anything apart from the Microsoft offerings I have left well alone, until
| NOW. The eee came with something called xandros installed and although fairly
| basic it did give me a taste of linux and I wanted more.


Easy Peasy 1.1 Is Out, Has a Brand New Look

,----[ Quote ]
| This new 1.1 version of Easy Peasy brings a lot of bugfixes and upgrades to
| most applications. There is also a new icon theme (inspired from the "Victor
| Castillejos Gnome
| Colors" one), a new wallpaper to fit the visual style and new splash and
| login screens.


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