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[News] Eucalyptus Runs on GNU/Linux, Many People Do Too

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Build a DIY Cloud with Euclayptus, Nimbus and Amazon EC2

,----[ Quote ]
| Eucalyptus runs on Linux systems, and RPMs are available for the RPM-based 
| systems. The source is also available for building on unsupported Linux 
| systems, but even more exciting is that you can deploy Eucalyptus on a Rocks 
| cluster. With Rocks, Eucalyptus is deployed with basically one command.    


My First Boyfriend Was Windows -- I Married Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| September of 2001 is seared into more than a few peoples' memories, but not 
| exactly for the same reasons it's stayed with me through the subsequent 
| years. On September 12, 2001, I ventured into Boston, greeted by the clacking 
| of the subway and the revving engines of taxis stopped at the mercy of 
| jaywalking pedestrians, while overhead the skies were silent, save the 
| occasional unsettling roar of fighter jets. I had an interview as part of the 
| graduate school admission process.      
| The interview went well, and by October I knew I'd need (of course!) a new 
| computer when classes started in January. I decided I'd try a home build, and 
| because my husband jokingly said it would be total overkill and uber-geek, I 
| ordered two hard drives for the new machine. Somehow, between my husband, my 
| brother-in-law (a Slack man from way back) and I, it only seemed logical that 
| two hard drives called for two operating systems.     


"There is such an overvaluation of technology stocks that it is absurd. I would
include our stock in that category. It is bad for the long-term worth of the
                                --Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO


Ballmer Still Searching for an Answer to Google

,----[ Quote ]
| "Forty percent of servers run Windows, 60 percent run Linux," he said. "How
| are we doing? Forty is less than 60, so I don't like it. ... We have some
| work to do."

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