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[News] Microsoft Allies/FOSS Foes Attack Kids

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File-Sharing Admin Convicted For Crime He Didn’t Commit

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week a 22 year-old was sentenced to 6 months jail for running a 
| file-sharing site carrying links to copyright works. On the surface it 
| appeared that court ruled that due to placing advertising on the site, the 
| admin had profited from infringement and therefore committed a crime, but all 
| is not as it seems.    


Appeals Court Stays RIAA Subpoena Vs. Students 


Big Entertainment Wants to Party Like It's 1996

,----[ Quote ]
| 1996 is gone, and good riddance.
| In 2009, the world is populated by people who no longer believe that "Thou 
| shalt sell media on plastic discs forever" came down off the mountain on two 
| stone tablets. It's populated by people who find the spectacle of companies 
| suing their own customers by the thousands indefensible. It's populated by 
| activists who've figured out that the Internet is worth saving and that the 
| entertainment industry is prepared to destroy it.     


Copyright Lawsuit Allowed To Proceed Against YouTube

,----[Quote  ]
| A federal appellate court has rebuffed a request from Google's YouTube to 
| dismiss a copyright infringement lawsuit on the narrow ground that the 
| plaintiff in the case, videographer Robert Tur, voluntarily withdrew the 
| lawsuit in order to join a pending class-action in New York.   


Can A Sports Organization Claim Copyright On Stuff You Filmed Yourself?

,----[ Quote ]
| A bunch of folks have sent in a story by Rory Cellan-Jones about how YouTube 
| took down a video he had uploaded of 37 seconds of a football (soccer for us 
| Americans) match in the UK he had attended. As he noted, he knew that the 
| football leagues in the UK were angry over their content being webcast, but 
| he thought it was for taking the official stream and rebroadcasting it 
| online.      



Google: Internet disconnection a "disproportionate" penalty

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has made its position on "graduated response" rules clear: Internet
| disconnections are a disproportionate penalty for online copyright
| infringement.


Google Provides Numbers On Just How Often DMCA Takedown Process Is Abused

,----[ Quote ]
| Some entertainment industry lawyers have been going around lately, pitching a
| fable that the DMCA isn't really that bad, since bogus takedown notices are
| somewhat rare. However, some new evidence from Google suggests quite a
| different story.


Do Patents Encourage or Hinder Innovation? The Case of the Steam Engine

,----[ Quote
| Boulton and Watt had a patent on the separate condensor from 1769 to 1800,
| with almost absolute control on the development of the steam engine. During
| the later period, the inventors declined to patent their inventions, and
| there was greater innovation. The beneficiary? Everyone who used a steam
| engine, or bought products produced by a steam engine.

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