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[News] Despite Economy, More GNU/Linux Events Appear

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Popular open-source programming event in Bellingham this weekend

,----[ Quote ]
| It's the 10th year for the free event, which is a showcase for the high-tech 
| community as well as the general public interested in open source 
| programming. Linux is a computer operating system that is freely distributed 
| and is an alternative to for-profit operating systems, such as Microsoft 
| Windows or Vista.     


Red Hat Announces Open Source Cloud Computing Forum

,----[ Quote ]
| Virtual Forum to Provide the Opportunity for the Open Source Industry to 
| Discuss and Drive Standards-Based Cloud Computing 


Open Source Bridge Conference Announces Speakers for Inaugural Gathering of
Open Source Citizens | Yahoo! Developer Network, Mozilla, WebTrends, and
Google among Premier Sponsors of Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source Bridge, a new conference designed to increase collaboration in 
| the open source development community across a broad range of disciplines, 
| announced today its confirmed list of speakers, featuring topics that range 
| from the Linux kernel to Configuration Management to MySQL to the Android 
| mobile platform and everything in between. In addition to insights 
| surrounding open source technologies, Open Source Bridge attendees will 
| engage in discussions about the culture and practice of open source and the 
| many ways it is being applied in commercial and nonprofit organizations.        



Linux Foundation Unveils Plans for Upcoming Summit

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation — the not-for-profit that keeps Linus in keyboards, and
| most recently, has been looking to glam things up a bit — earlier this month
| provided a first glimpse into its plans for the 2009 Collaboration Summit, to
| be held April 8-10 in San Francisco.


LinuxCertified Announces its Linux System and Network Administration BootCamp.


Open source panel at Accel Symposium

,----[ Quote ]
| The consensus was that these technologies are all getting the attention of
| CIOs and IT directors who are facing budget pressure in this economy. After
| all, if you have to chose between buying $50,000 server licenses or having
| staff to develop and deploy applications, a lot more people will be willing
| to try open source.

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