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[News] Ubuntu 9.04 Gives GNU/Linux a Clouds Edge

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Building Private and Hybrid Clouds with Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| The new Ubuntu server distribution includes two complementary cloud tools, 
| OpenNebula and Eucalyptus, so providing the technology required to build the 
| three types of Cloud architectures, namely private, hybrid and public clouds.  


Some interesting firsts for cloud OS

,----[ Quote ]
| One thing that seems clear in cloud computing right now — the combination of 
| operating system, hypervisor, clustering, applications and other cloud 
| infrastructure components in the mix is creating some interesting 
| competition. We’ve written before about the fight over the OS role and its 
| relevancy as hypervisor vendors race to cover the OS parts, OS vendors race 
| to cover the hypervisor parts and so on. We’re now seeing a similar battle in 
| cloud computing, where open source looms large, as other vendors step up to 
| the opportunities.        
| [...]
| In terms of the ‘first cloud OS,’ I think Ubuntu Linux vendor Canonical may 
| beg to differ. The company’s Ubuntu Linux is already a popular choice for  
| cloud deployment thanks to its free availability and lack of licensing 
| royalties that can quickly cancel out cloud cost advantages. With its latest 
| release this week, Ubuntu 9.04, Canonical is doing more to back this cloud 
| deployment of Ubuntu.    


"I feel we are much too smug in dealing with Novell. Perhaps they didn’t hurt
us in DOS yet — but it’s not because of product or their trying. It’s because
we already had the OEMs wrapped up."

                                        --Jim Allchin, Microsoft


A Cloudy Future

,----[ Quote ]
| But cloud computing is going to change the industry in as profound a way as
| client server did in the late nineteen eighties to nineteen nineties. The
| ability to easily provision and scale up software services based on the Free
| Software LAMP stack (Linux / Apache / MySQL /PHP or Perl or Python) or more
| modern fare such as the open source Java software framework Hadoop is going
| to massively change the way software is developed. Of course at my day job,
| it already has for many of the engineers.
| Even old fogies like me are going to have to learn some new tricks in this
| world. Free Software is going to have to adopt as well. I still have lots of
| Samba code to write first (no, Samba isn't a finished product yet), but if I
| ever work on cloud computing code, I'd like to see it under the AGPL, in
| order to preserve the freedoms I've been able to enjoy in conventional
| software development these many years. Without the AGPL, our freedoms will
| depend on the kindness of strangers donating their modifications to our code
| back to us, as they did in the days before the GPL license and the FSF was
| born.


Eucalyptus: the unsung hero of Open Source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Eucalyptus is an open-source infrastructure for the implementation of cloud
| computing on computer clusters. Its name is an acronym for "Elastic Utility
| Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems".
| The current interface is compatible with Amazon's EC2 cloud computing
| interface. Tom Callway speaks to Rich Wolski, the project's director, about
| how Eucalyptus can be leveraged by enterprises and where it sits along side
| proprietary alternatives like Windows Azure.

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