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[News] GNOME Logon Eye Candy; Equinox Desktop Environments 2.0 Near Release

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15 Beautiful Ubuntu GDM Themes

,----[ Quote ]
| GDM or GNOME Display Manager will easily allow users to fully customize the 
| login screen theme without having to use the command line. 
| There are tons of ready-made, user-submitted GDM themes available that we can 
| just download and effortlessly install. In celebration of Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty 
| Jackalope's release, I’ve collected some of the most beautiful GDM themes for 
| Ubuntu enthusiasts to appreciate...


EDE 2.0 alpha released

,----[ Quote ]
| EDE (Equinox Desktop Environment) is small and very portable desktop 
| environment designed to be very lightweight in memory and resource usage. 



30 Cool Linux Login Screens

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most powerful attributes that are running for Linux as opposed to
| other OS’es is it flexibility and customizibility. Its one of the first
| things mentioned when a Linux geek is asked about Linux. And we love to show
| it. I trekked Gnome Look and KDE Look and chose for you these 30 great login
| screen themes. The first 15 are GNOME Specific, while 16-30 are for KDE.



Ubuntu's OpenGL face browser will bring bling to GDM

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNOME Display Manager (GDM) is a component of the GNOME desktop 
| environment that provides a graphical login prompt. It is used on many Linux 
| distributions and is often the first interactive part of the desktop that 
| users experience after the computer finishes booting. GDM is themable, and is 
| often customized by distributors to include branding, but has changed little 
| over the years.     


GDM2 2.20.0 (stable), the “Beautiful Bay” Release

,----[ Quote ]
| If you have no clue what GDM is, refer to the documentation links
| at the bottom of this announcement.
| The 2.20.0 release is a stable release of the GNOME Display Manager
| (GDM) program with the following bug fixes and improvements.

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