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[News] X Going Strong, More 3D Drivers for Linux Appear

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Xorg 1.5 - a step in the right direction

,----[ Quote ]
| Interestingly enough, I recently upgraded to xorg-server 1.5 from 1.3. I 
| removed my xorg file, and it works passably. It’s choice of graphics drivers 
| is a little annoying - I’ve been using radeonhd and getting 3-5000 frames in 
| glxgears. Now I’m getting about 1000, and it pegs my cpu.   


Kernel Log: 3D support for the new Radeon driver; new Intel drivers

,----[ Quote ]
| Developers for AMD and Intel graphics chips have been extremely productive, 
| having introduced a range of improvements, with others in the works. Late 
| last week, AMD employee Alex Deucher released experimental drivers, DRM, and 
| Mesa code that enables 3D acceleration in r6xx and r7xx graphics chips used 
| in most of the Radeon graphics cards currently on the market. While the code 
| is not fully mature, Glxgears should already work.     



X Server 1.6 Gets A Release Schedule

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in September when the X developers raided the Edinburgh Zoo for the 2008
| X Developers' Summit, Intel's Keith Packard made the rather dramatic
| announcement that he intended to ship X Server 1.6 and he would step up as
| the release manager.


More Work On Red Hat's Wayland Project

,----[ Quote ]
| Since publishing the world's first look at Wayland, a nano display server for
| Linux with an integrated compositing manager, there has been much interest in
| this emerging Red Hat project. While this project is still in its infancy,
| below are a few more notes about recent changes with Wayland.


New Wayland X server looks to how a modern desktop works

,----[ Quote ]
| The new Wayland X server strips down what is considered obligatory in an X
| Server to reveal a lightweight display server. The Wayland project was
| started by Kristian Høgsberg and is still a very young project, revised daily
| and being rapidly developed. Wayland's design approach is to have a server
| which only supports the features used by a modern composite desktop
| environment.


Wayland: A New X Server For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| It's no secret that much of the code-base that makes up the modern-day X.Org
| Server is old and in some places bloated. The X.Org Server continues to
| evolve and has received a number of major additions in recent times, but
| wouldn't a clean and lighter server that is designed around today's needs be
| ideal? Red Hat's Kristian Høgsberg has started a new project, which is
| currently known as Wayland, and is just that: a new lightweight X Server.
| Wayland isn't just a rewrite of the current X Server, but instead it's a
| small server that is designed around some of the latest graphics technologies
| such as kernel mode-setting and the Graphics Execution Manager. Wayland also
| has its own built-in compositing manager.


[ANNOUNCE] xserver 1.5.3


New DMX Server Provides More Features, Less Complex

,----[ Quote ]
| David Reveman, a key developer of XGL and Compiz, has announced new work he
| has done on the DMX (Distributed Multi-head X) Server.


Fedora moves the X server

,----[ Quote ]
| Testers of the Fedora 10 beta (or Rawhide) have recently noticed that the X
| server has been moved from its traditional home on virtual terminal 7 to VT1.


The joy of X - master the Linux GUI

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're a Linux user you have no doubt heard of GNOME and KDE. These
| popular desktop environments are really the pinnacle of a deep iceberg of
| technology with the X-Windows graphical interface underpinning it all. Here
| are a couple of ways to tame X, kicking off a journey of unlimited ability to
| change the Linux look-and-feel.


X Server 1.5.2 Released, Brings Bug Fixes

,----[ Quote ]
| X Server 1.5.1 was only released two and a half weeks ago as a quick bug-fix
| release to X Server 1.5.0, which is the server component for X.Org 7.4, but
| today we have a third release. Adam Jackson has announced the release of X
| Server 1.5.2 with 14 changes.


[ANNOUNCE] xserver 1.5.0

,----[ Quote ]
| This is almost certainly the server that will go into Xorg 7.4.  The
| module set for same is available here:
| http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/preview-X11R7.4/src/
| If you see anything missing that should be present, or present that
| should be absent, yell very loudly, right now.  Otherwise that'll go
| gold in a day or two.

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