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[News] Microsoft Fails at Advertising and GNU/Linux Rises

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Microsoft still fails at advertising

,----[ Quote ]
| You simply can't advertise in the computer market based on price alone. It 
| just doesn't make sense. By following Microsoft's own logic, instead of 
| purchasing a PC with a Microsoft Windows operating system that'll cost you, 
| at the very least, around a hundred bucks, you'd opt for a free operating 
| system, like Ubuntu - a GNU/Linux distribution that some mainstream 
| manufacturers offer as an alternative to Windows.     
| Why stop there? Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office, 
| just give Open Office a download. It's free of charge and most users would 
| never be worried by the small differences. It even reads and creates 
| Microsoft Office files.   



Dell’s New Ads Minimize Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| The bottom half was dedicated to the Ubuntu version.  Shown in a smaller,
| less eye catching ad than usual.  What really caught my eye was some larger
| text (14 pt.) in the upper right-hand corner of the Ubuntu section.  It said:
| “Dell recommends Windows Vista Home Premium.”
| Real smooth, Dell.  Once again, Dell shows it’s weak side when advertising
| another product, with another form of software installed other than Microsoft
| Windows.  It’s strange really.  Both models were described as “new” in the
| advertisement, but the Ubuntu version gets treated like a second-class
| citizen.  I am glad that Dell is selling Ubuntu machines, but sometimes the
| whole “we recommend this…” line gets a little old, especially when plastered
| not in the appropriate section, but in the section advertising an Ubuntu
| product.


Dell is being paid to post these lies.
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