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[News] Engineers Calls to Stage Protests Against Intellectual Monopolies

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Suggestion: Engineers Go On A Patent Strike

,----[ Quote ]
| Basically, his argument is that most engineers recognize how harmful the 
| patent system is, but are pushed into patenting by lawyers and management, 
| and the only way to get the message out is to stop assisting with anything 
| having to do with patents.    


IPR Bill Regulations promulgated - the death knell for open science in South

,----[ Quote ]
| The Department of Science and Technology has published the Regulations for 
| the implementation of the IPR Act of 2008. These have serious implications 
| for researchers and the universities and research institutions they work in 
| and even more dire implications for open access and open innovation in South 
| Africa.    
| I set out below my preliminary reading of what these Regulations might mean. 


Conference on "Make software patents work for SMEs"

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Commission is organising a conference dedicated to "Make IPR 
| work for SMEs" next Monday in Brussels. You can submit your questions by 
| email to me for next Monday on how to "Make software patents work for SMEs". 
| I might be interested to submit them.   


Parasitical lawyers for the most part...


Time to rethink intellectual property laws?

,----[ Quote ]
| Conversely, there is widespread anecdotal evidence that the act created a
| mind-set among many researchers that their knowledge represents a potential
| goldmine not to be shared with potential competitors (i.e. those working in
| other universities) - at least until it has been protected by a patent
| application.
| Similarly, the act has led to a flood of “upstream” patents on basic
| scientific knowledge, leading to what some commentators describe as a
| virtually impenetrable “patent thicket” blocking small-scale inventors from
| marketing their products. For example, restrictive software patents limit
| further development and commercialisation in the field of information
| technology.

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